Sunday, 29 November 2009

Incomplete is a bad thing.

So I was idling my time away online as usual.I logged into Blogger as per routine,and accidentally navigated to the drafts section of the posts.Intriguing titles and dangling phrases led me to take a closer look,and I unwittingly stole a few glances at the past me.

I found a couple of unfinished poems.They weren't anything the world would miss(or even things I would miss for that matter,...naah!I'd be lying if I said that.I am narcissistic enough to miss my own verse,anyway,that's quite besides the point,isn't it?).I really couldn't tell what I was trying to say through the poems though.Somewhere,I think I was on the verge of getting hold of the soul of the poem.With sweet irony though,that beginning brought with it the end.Poof.Draft over.

I also observed a gradual change in my writing style.My older posts were more formal sounding,with attention to grammar,attempts to pay attention to punctuation,with proper and non silly sounding words.With time,I have begun to shy away from attempting poetry,and have stuck to writing post after post about my mundane life sparing the occasional bursts into melancholy,because I'm ashamed to rhyme,afraid to break out,and too busy to spare a few minutes for pondering.
I wonder if micro blogging sites like Twitter, and Facebook updates,have anything to do with my.....impatience.No other word for it.I try to return to my old self,at least when it comes to thought patterns,but it's impossible.That was me then.This is me now.I can't really seek out a past identity of mine and hide beneath it when I'm definitely not the same person underneath anymore.It would be like effectively making null and void whatever's happened to me in the last few months,like erasing a sizeable chunk of my experiences in life.And that's not what I intend to do.
The second best thing I can think of then,is to have a record of what I was like earlier,so that I can look back at some old memories and paint a picture of things as they used to be.Then,in bitter times,I can live on a bit of borrowed sentiment from the past.And that's where old post come in.To me,they are the key to unlocking my younger self.

That's why the sight of unfinished drafts frustrate me.The leave me wondering about what exactly I was thinking then.Sometimes,I remember the circumstances in which I penned a draft,but I do not remember my reactions to that situation.How unfair is that?!

That's why I 'm going to take this moment to remind you all to finish your thoughts.At least whilst you're on Blogger.You might not feel like writing just then,but endeavor to make your thoughts a little more lucid,so you can always come back to it later.Don't deceive yourself :your mind isn't an impenetrable bank,time gets through to everything.You eventually will forget.You might lose a moment of your life in the sense that you will not be able to remember what that moment revolved around.
Sorry if I sound half crazed,but I just want to impress upon you that your identity is the most important thing you can ever own,and so, a ManU vs. Arsenal showdown definitely does not justify leaving your thoughts unfinished.

I'll talk more when I'm not being strange rambling girl (which is what many of you must have begun to call me in your head,I'm sure).

'K bye!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Not your typical musical night

My semester has come to an end.You know what that means--->end semester exams.Sob!Anyway,I was about to tell you that I have my linear algebra paper tomorrow and that I began preparations in earnest last night,hoping to appease the rather stuck up gods that control the fates of all victims of mathematics.
Despite the honorable intentions,I fared miserably in my attempt to study.Deciding music would help clear my mind,I fetched my CD player and plugged it in(no,I do not like listening to music on a pod or mp3 or any other device which requires me to use headphones,earphones or anything of the like).I got further pissed when I couldn't locate my CD collection.Going with the desperation the hour demanded,I hit play,resigning myself to listening to whatever was in the blasted thing.
Imagine my pleasant surprise when some lovely Hindustani music notes filled the air!Frankly,I don't listen to much classical music myself.That's not to say that I don;t enjoy it,it's just not my first choice.The music was slow.Non distracting.It remained in the background.Mightily please,I went about my cramming.Every now and then however,I couldn't help but devote my attention completely to the music.There was some soulful raag alaap before every song.I particularly enjoyed the one set to the raaga Hamsadhwani. Some of you Carnatic music enthusiasts may know of the raaga Kaanada,it's my favourite,coz it inherently seems like a twang of melancholy.Last night,I discovered my second favourite--Bhoop. :) I couldn't help but digress,and spent some happy moments humming along with the CD.
It's true what they say,isn't it,about classaical music being one of the purest forms of music?My mother says that is among the few forms of music that can manage to pull anyone away from what they're doing(not that my case counts,coz almost anything manages to pull me away from math...still).
The tunes;they rose,they fell,they meandered,and they never failed to amaze.Aw shucks,I'm rambling here.I wouldn't know.
What I do know is that last evening,I got some good studying done.This might even be the first time in living memory that I enjoyed algebra,and that definitely is something to celebrate!
Alright,I've got some nasty exams lined up for me.Till later,then. :)

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Q.How foolish it is to want something very badly and then push it away,not knowing whether it would ever be in your reach again?
A.Very foolish.
Thunk.Thunk.That's me whacking meself on the head (like that's going to help) . :

Saturday, 31 October 2009


I am never thankful for a few moments of silence.Strangely,that morning was one of consequence.

Morose and unseeing eyes rode up and down the black roads,staring,as if to wrangle answers to everyday sorrows out of the black tar.
Pause.Rewind.They wound back to a puddle on which floated a fleet of a most curious sort.

A pretty and tattered shoe with rhinestone edges headed this parade.

It had laced the delicate feet of the bar dancer last night,I whimsically imagined.She must have run away in the pitch of the night.Do not interrupt and ask me to fathom why she ran,not when what we do in most of our spare time is run away from realities.

Not keen to return to the mundane bus stop,I moved on to the next oddity in the puddle.

A tie stuffed into a cola can.

I could almost see the snot faced kid that had celebrated his afternoon after school with the school boyish gesture of discarding his tie.Not having found a suitable dispenser,the kid had decided to stuff the tie into the nearest object in sight.
Who said kids weren't resourceful?

Masquerading third in the puddle was a dirty scrap of paper.
A page out of a phone book,yet another slice of someone else's life.
10 digits repeated themselves over and over again;keys to a stranger's obsession,maybe that of a lovestruck lad's ,nursing his first heartbreak.
His lady had refused to answer his call,he'd vented his desperation and tossed the scrap away after overcoming it.
I laughed a little sadly at this boy's (?) plight,and then decided to make things better.After all,stories need happy endings,don't they?
Yes,our boy must have bumped into our running bar dancer wearing one pretty rhinestone shoe,and the two would have shared coffee and a good laugh over the craziness of their encounter.

Sighing wistfully,I shut the book that lay open on my lap.
I had other stories to know of.

My eyes left the queer masquerade on the eventful puddle.Once again,they moved up and down the black roads,only this time they weren't wrangling the tar for answers to everyday sorrows.

It was storytime,yes indeedy.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shauk hai!

These are the lyrics to one of the most soulful songs I have ever heard.It's a song called Shauk hai (I desire) from the movie Guru.The music has been composed by Rahmanji and sung by Soumya Raoh.

The song is sung by a girl who is on the verge of death.As she leaves,she sings of the simple things of life which she loved and cherished.

The icy clouds,the earthy silence of the night,the brilliance of light,amlas,dewdrops,and the craze that is emotion.

A wave of regret and pain stealthily washes over the listener.Yet,there is not much lament,only simple beauty.
Wanted to share it with you all (if you aren't familiar with it already) ...:)

Here goes.

Raat ka shauk hai
Raat ki saundhi si khamoshi ka shauk hai
Subah ki roshni ,bezubaan subahon ki aur gungunati
Roshni ka shauk hai, ho.... shauk hai.

San sani naawlon ka
Ishq ke banwlon ka
San sani naawle
Ishq ke baanwle
Barf se khelte badolon ka ...shauk hai!

Kaash ye zindagi khel hi khel mein kho gayi hoti.
Raat ka shauk hai
neend ki goliyon ka,
khwab ke loriyon ka,
Neend ki goliyan ,khwab ke loriyan

Bezubaan aus ki boliyon ka...Shauk hai

Kaash ye zindagi binkahe binsune so gayi hoti

Subah ki roshni
Bezubaan subahon ki aur gungunati
Roshni ka ....
Shauk hai, shauk hai...

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Tagged :The ABCs of me

Hello all!
I tagged myself upon reading this particularly delightful tag on Misty Rhythm's blog.
So,without ado,here's presenting-the ABCs of me.

The rules of this tag are :
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share the ABCs of you.
4. Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

A- Available/Single : Very much single,but...not available.No further questions.

B- Best Friend : Sakshi and jaans! :)

C- Cake/Pie : Cake!I don't fancy them crusty pies with weird sticky syrup on the top much. Gimme a handful of sinfully rich chocolate pastry,and I'll be a happy gal!

D- Do you want anything right now? don't look like a genie,but I'll tell you anyway. A burger and fries from McD.I haven't had lunch yet,no one's home,I'm too lazy to fix something myself,and I'm too lazy to move my ass off this couch.

E-Essential item you use every day ? My glasses.The rims are a pretty icicle blue and they convince me to stay away from contact lenses.

F -Freedom to me is ? To be able to live life the way I want to ,without having to tread on anyone's toes.

G- Giggle/Laugh ? I've always wanted to produce a feminine,lilting giggle,but my chords resonate with rather unladylike bursts of laughter and snorts .Hmph!I don't like G so much anymore.

H- Heart/Brain ?Heart! :) Jo bhi ho,dil se ho!

I - Indulgence/Addiction : Brownies,the Web,and solo karaoke sessions (there's a reason they're solo :D :P)

J- July or July? Me not likes July much.It always signals the end of the holidays ,and the start of early mornings. :(

K- Kids and their names ? Whaaa...? Have nevvver thought about that!Oh...err..emm...ok let's just be embarrassingly straightforward about this.
Aryan, if it's a boy,and Tara,if it's a girl. *turns crimson

L- Life is...?Life can be an adventure,a fairytale,a horror flick,or a gamut of all these.It can be anything you make it out to be.It's outrageously unpredictable,uncontrollable and thrilling.And that's what makes it an addiction.Whoa!!!I dunno what about this word reduces tough cookies to pools of poetic phrases.

M-Mistakes - Made plenty.Moving out of Hyderabad was the biggest one.There's no point on analyzing them over and over again though,nobody's perfect eh? (and nobody's me!! lol...yea,the kindergarten kid in me is very much dominant.Hah!)

N-Number of siblings ?N for none.Do my (once beloved)dolls count?

O -One thing I hate to accept ?The fact that you can't change the past.That and the concept of low cal.(BLEH!)

P -Pictures/Reality? Pictures.I'm a sentimental fool most of the time;besides, reality can wait. :)

Q -Quote for today? "Just do it."

R -Reason my brain is working these days : Oh,this is news to me! :p

S -Season ? Winter.I think reading too many Enid Blytons as a kid may have brought about this choice,but I honestly,believe winter is a season of pure beauty.The chill,the food,the celebration...,it's all good!

T- Tag 3 people ? Ok,I tag Devika,Sayesha and ,,,you!Now go do this tag,sucker!!!;)

U-Unknown fact about me ? I act like rude comments and names don't affect me at all,but they do.A lot. Also,I own a hell lot of "lucky" possessions,and woe betide you if you happen to lose one of them !

V -Vegetable I don't like ? Beetroot.*sticks tongue out* Why would anyone want to eat something which makes your plate look like it's been given a blood bath (beetroot lovers,sorry!)

W -Worst habit ?I forget where I put things very easily.It's gotten me into cartloads of trouble,and I still can't seem to stop.

X- X-rays you've had? Enough x rays to give your bedroom some hideous looking wallpaper.

Y -Yes/Yuck ? Yes or yuck to what? This tag?In that case, yes!

Z- Zodiac :One stubborn Taurean.

Now run along,you!Have a nice day :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

coz...Love don't cost a thing

Money can't buy you happiness.Certainly,it can't buy you love either.Still,can you blame all the rich and sad souls for trying?

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Umm...just scroll down,will ya?

I haven't had a room of my own for years.
Dad's moved all over the country for the last eighteen years,so I've never lived in a place for too long ,my last house being the exception.
I've always lived in rented spaces.My own home,waits patiently for us,nestled away in a quiet corner,while it accommodates some unknown faces,who eventually move out,and make room for more unknown faces.
Thus,I have,every time, been granted four walls in which I can,as Dad puts it "Do whatever crap I want to"(he didn't really say that,but hello!I can read minds very well.)But that's not the same as having your own room is it?
I've always wanted a room that says "me" all over the place.My brick and mortar twin.
A sanctuary where I could listen to Norah Jones and Maroon 5 endlessly,fill the walls with nails on which could rest some happy moments,captured in sepia tones.The room would definitely be blue or pink or or a combination of both.I'd have a tall mirror with the fancy studio lights.The balcony would be constructed just the way I want it.It would face some open land,so people could stand there and look at the night sky,I mean really look at it; a view so unobstructed that it feels like all those stars are only a leap away.

There would be a secret closet tucked away under some random piece of furniture,and I'd keep valuable junk locked away in it.Nothing very interesting(to you,at least.Smirk!)Every time I sat quietly in my jhoola,memories would play inside of my head.Of good times.Silly times.Waltzing times.Awesome times.Plain times.They would have one thing in common.They'd be testaments to my relationship with my abode,my room.

It would be the room where I once daydreamed,while pretending to read History,or doodled while attempting to solve equations.
It would be the room where my friends and me first danced to Hips don't lie when it raged across the whole world.
It would be the place where Mom and me sat for hours and explored Bollywood music via Youtube...
The place that sheltered me while I watched the rain,or the birds.
The windows I looked through when people whined my name from the parking lot cum playground below.
The place that helped me nurse my first heartbreak,
the place I hid in while avoiding pesky kids and nosy guests,
the place that sang,laughed cried,celebrated,brooded and lived with me.

I'm hoping it will become a reality once Dad retires and I graduate( which is three years away and gives me a lot of time for posting sentimental rambles like this).

Thanks for listening , you guys!I feel a lot more hopeful now :)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sweet child o' mine...

A combination of listening to the famous Guns and Roses track on loop,and being caught in an unexpected evening rain shower have resulted in this verse. Read on....

Another day ,another story.
Cast it aside,for it will certainly not uplift you.

Instead walk back with me to the moment when I felt like a child again.

I'd like to say it was a beautiful,breezy evening,replete with music in the background.cheerful birdcalls,laughing , happy and shiny people.
It wasn't.Nuh-uh.
It was a hot,irritating evening,and it included a broken down bus , a lost wallet,a sudden downpour and some sheets of meticulously written homework being turned into trash.

Why then ,do I attempt to record in rhyme that evening?
Yes,because that evening had one sparkling,endearing moment when I felt like a child again.

As I trudged down a muddy road,I looked around to check if anyone was watching,and proceeded to descend into a gloriously muddy puddle.
The leap was intentional.The slip wasn't.That made it even more enjoyable.

Around me,wisps of pristine white floated down to the ground.
Yes,you are quite right.It does not snow in the plains of India.

They weren't snowflakes,they were sheets of algebra,which did not make sense
(anymore ?).

I almost frowned,but something stopped me.The sight of the freshly prepared butta,or rather,its divine scent.

I rushed forward,scrounging in my slingback for my moth eaten wallet all the while.Sadly, my fingers did not encounter the familiar feel of shredded denim.

With no money came no care,and I playfully grabbed a freshly done butta,bit into it with enormous self righteousness and ran,yelling "Kal paise le lena ,dada!"

I must have looked a sight,muddy,unexplainedly gleeful,clutching soggy sheets of paper,with a little corn in my bushy locks.There is no other explanation for the way the neighbour looked at me.

However,I met her alarmed pair of eyes with a smile,and a song rose to my lips.

"She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything Was as fresh as the bright blue sky
Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that special place
And if I'd stare too long
I'd probably break down and cry
Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine..."

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Familiarity breeds...

If you guys don't know I love being in Hyderabad already,well you know it now!:D
I don't know what it is,but seeing familiar faces all day does wonders for one's mood.
(Don't put nazar yaar....itne dinon ke baad mein ITNI khush hoon :D )

I find I'm able to handle minor disappointments (I still sulk for the big ones) and changes relatively well.I'm smiling at random strangers,and I'm singing out loud.I'm also writing,blogging and talking to people a lot more actively.After quite some time,I'm feeling a different sort of happiness-not the rush you get when you see Robert Pattinson or SRK posters,not the relief that floods you when you're done with a nasty assignment,but the sort of happiness that doesn't ebb in a few moments,but emulsifies into a comforting satisfaction that stays with you for a while.

Treaded on the old lanes,
Went to the forgotten balcony to watch 'em planes.
Fed on the deliciously oily chaat,
Revisited things close to the heart.

Cracked old jokes ,
chatted up many an old friend,
Hummed those forgotten tunes,
Finally,the scars did mend.

Some buildings waited in welcome,
some had already gone to their grave.
Some people didn't (thankfully) change,
And that helped me face the ones that did,it made me brave.

If people need holidays,
don't souls need one too?
If you knew your brew of life was available at that one place,
Wouldn't you visit often too?

I know people say that familiarity breeds contempt.But y'know what?
Sometimes familiarity just breeds smiles.All day long. :) :) :)

Enough said.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Rise up!

Rise up!
No,I'm not talking about the latest song that's got everyone in such a tizzy!
I wanna take a moment here to remind everyone to rise up.Simply rise up,beyond all the difficulties,beyond all the barriers,physical,emotional,or any other sort.Face the challenges,brush away the insults,and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to all the negativity around.

Remember to rise up and I promise your day will end with a smile :)
There,that's better!

Cheers !

Friday, 26 June 2009

No,I'm not a Legilimens!

All of us,at one time or another,have faced double standards.And doled them out too. And while people may have reason to mask their real feelings from time to time,constant pretense is just …annoying.

Sometimes I wish people would tell me what exactly they think of me.But since they never do that,I have to play mind reader and lemme tell you ;it’s really hard to filter out true emotion from all the socializing crap.But a part of me wonders if I’ll be able to handle the truth. Dependent creature that I am,I dont really know if I’ll be able to digest the idea that a friend or a loved one prefers not having me around.

Sure,no one can hope for universal popularity,to borrow a phrase from Dumbledore.All one can hope for is a little honesty,some patience and a tinge of reality in the farce that are some relationships today.

Ah hope!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

99.part silly,part sober,pure paisa vasool

A hot Sunday afternoon in Bangalore with little cash leaves you with little options of leisure activity.So my friends and me hit the mall to catch a flick and do some quality tp (for people unfamiliar with Hinglish vernacular,tp=time pass).

Fueled with desires of watching some Matthew Perry-Zac Effron humor,we reached our destination,only to find that 17 again wasn't being screened.With the oh-so-frustrating multiplex strike that was active countrywide,we didn't have much to choose from.In the end, we decided upon 99.

To be honest,we didn't expect much.The reviews were very mixed, and we were in a very Hollywoody mood,so we just accepted the afternoon as it unwound and settled in theater #7 ,waiting for the "part fact. part fiction.pure fun" to hit us.

Fun was an understatement.I loved the movie!!!We were treated to a good three hours of wholesome,cheerful,childishly wicked,and entertaining cinema.Everything about the movie impressed (me).I don't know squat about screenplay,cinematography or any of the finer details but what I do know is that if you are a part of the typical young(or young at heart) crowd and are blessed with an open mind,you will love this casualand humorous look at the lives of two petty crooks who meddle their way out of a sticky end.

The characters were fresh,the actors... wonderfully real.The humor,irreverent and unflattering.The message,well,there were none ..but that's the whole point really.This movie doesn't preach ,nor does it resort to any cinematic "formula".It simply offers you a slice of life's roller coaster rides,and a delightful slice at that.

What to watch out for? The Kunal Khemu-Cyrus Broacha duo.Wow!It reminded me of the famous Chandler Joey chemistry.The crooks offer lots of gyaan throughout the movie though they blunder through their own lives :)
Soha Ali Khan,pretty and powerful,shows us she can carry off a goofy joke as well as 5 inch stilettos with impish charm.Boman Irani ,as versatile as ever is the chronic gambler who battles his creditors with wry laughter and smart maneuvers.We couldn't have asked for a better cast.
Another interesting fact is that the movie is set in the pre millenium era,with fads,jokes,cellphones,and incidents from the years 1999-2000,which makes for an interesting background.

This is not an average afternoon no-brainer, but a lighthearted attempt at an intelligent film.And needless to add,a successful attempt.Kudos to the team of 99!There were so many moments when you will just have to turn around to look at your friends and share an anecdote or two because somewhere the movie strikes a chord.Yes indeed. Do watch it if you get around to it.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Truth and falsehood are next door neighbours

I'd like to believe that truth and falsehood are neighbours.Although there is clearly a world of difference between the two,overcoming that difference can be done in a fraction of time.

You see,when you stop believing in something that is true and real,it doesn't hold any value for you anymore.It doesn't represent any entity that you set store by.In other words,it isn't true anymore,not to you at least.

It also works the other way round.Once you start believing in an abstract,imaginary or unreal idea,concept or person,you start to function as if that idea/person/thing is an integral part of your existence.No matter how ridiculous it may seem to others,you're still going to set store by it ,aren't you?
It's a truth you've acquainted yourself with.

There's a fine line between truth and falsehood,my friend,and that line is you.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

A plateful of art,with science on the side?

This is an oft-repeated complaint,and yet it needs to be voiced,because no solutions have been discovered yet.It started when I caught some of the Step Up! movie while doing some mindless matinee television surfing.As I watched the dancers fret over their showcase dance performance and have dancing companies come and scout for talent at their art school,I wonder why we haven't seen much of that at home,here in India.Art generally plays second fiddle to science or inevitably bows down to the craze of the nation ,"engineering".

I know that movies aren't exactly a parameter of life ,but it is common knowledge that the West takes art seriously.We hear about colleges offering a major in dance or music and many students actually going for it.There apparently are many scholarships offered for such programs too.Art is given its rightful place,and respected as a form of expression that requires as much creativity and genius as any other field does ,both at the workplace and at home or in society.

I hate to criticize, but can you tell me honestly if you haven't heard conversations like this before in and around your neighborhood?

Aunt/Uncle/Parent : "So tell me beta ,what are your plans for the future?

Son/Daughter/some teenager :"Yeah,I've always been interested in painting or photography or some visual medium like that ."

Parent :"Woh sab toh theek hai beta,but let's get serious.What do you plan to do for a living??

Kid:"Yes,I mean it seriously.I've found I'm good at it,it's not just some new hobby.

Parent: "I don't understand why you always go off on a tangent like this.Can't you be a grown up about your career?Look at [Fill in name of elder sibling here].Look he's a doctor now!Can't you..."

And so it goes.I've been a victim of it myself,when I wanted to major in Economics or English Literature. The worst part of it is ,no one is wrong here.You can't blame a parent for wanting to look out for their kids.In an extremely competitive land of the Indian junta ,you sometimes have just one opportunity to make it big,and they just don't want you to mess that up.In a family where financial troubles loom large,and insecurity becomes the topic of discussion at the dinner table,people tend to veer others towards tries and tested careers like engineer,doctor,banker,etc.

Ironic isn't it though?That this kind of prejudice should exist towards art in an era where our nation's pride ,A.R.Rahman wins global recognition for his music?Where reality shows are held every hour of the clock to discover the next singing or performing sensation?Where Carnatic singers' concerts are booked solid during the "Kutcheri" season?Where millions of dance schools select students from hopefuls every year and introduce them to the professional industry?

What's the problem then?Is it a fear of the unknown,a instinctive desire to stick to family tradition?Or a mere battle of wills?Whatever the reason maybe,the result is that kids have to lock up their precious ballet flats and ghungroos,or give away their electric guitar,and erase a shining dream from their eyes as they stick to the..what is it? the "conventional" route.

We've got to do some attitude improvement folks.Unless you want to unknowingly extinguish a spark even before it got a chance to burn brightly.

So,the bottom line is... I'm hungry.For once ,can you serve me a plate full of art,with science as a side dish for a change?

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Best rainy day songs

Rainy weather and music go together like Bollywood and drama,or like summer and heat,or like food and me....there,you get the idea.
Today's semi-hailstorm got me thinking of some of the tracks I absolutely love to play or listen to ,on rainy days.Since logic never governs me,my choice is spontaneous and may seem irrational.

1)Chak dhoom dhoom -Dil Toh Pagal Hai

Keywords-rain,madhuri,srk,delightful kids,dance sequence,foot tapping music

2)Chaiyya Chaiyya-Dil Se

Keywords :Lovely forest locale,Darjeeling's choo choo train,shahrukh looking delectable,lovely dark tunnels

3)She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

Keywords: Great vocals,simple beat,universal emotion

4)Colourblind -Darius

Keywords :Vivid.Colourful.Cliched.Yet makes you smile

5)Queen Of My Heart -Westlife
Romantic.Pretty.Tinge of sadness.

I'll add more to the list as I recollect them.Do you have any favourite rainy day songs?What are they?

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


It's the Tamil New Year today,so happy vishu people!
I'm celebrating , yes, with an absolutely yum cup of payasam,and a long day stretched out in front of me,unperturbed by the idea of three class tests tomorrow.Cheers!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Listen up kids,to the most truthful truth of recent times.
The ingredient X that everyone is looking for is confidence.

Master your fears.Perfect your skills.Highlight your strengths.Don't sweat your weaknesses.To quote a slogan that has been done to death "Walk not like you own the road,walk like you don't care who owns it."

It's a little disheartening to realize that you can ideally have everything it takes,and still not be the victor,simply because you don't believe you are.So be your own PR person.You don't want to blow your own trumpet,but you don't want to forget to vote for yourself.

Confidence is an amazing thing.It erects trees where there were once no seeds,forms oceans where there were no seas.And despite the corny lines I've written here,I urge you to understand that confidence is key to getting where you want to be!

So stand tall,walk proud! :)

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Ok,so I know I'm really behind on this one,but I've just about discovered the beauty of this well known song "Bubbly".It's sung by Colbie Caillat,and if you've heard it,you'll know that it's the best alternative to sitting in the sunlight...:)

The lyrics are simple,the only accompaniment is the occasional guitar pluck and a steady drum beat.It's a wonder how the song manages to fill the place with this pleasant,resounding noise.Kudos to the artist!Meanwhile I'm going to dawdle all I can this Sunday,

while singing,

"... It starts in my toes
and I crinkle my nose
where ever it goes I always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go..."

P.S: I've taken to quoting songs now,wherever I is everywhere, on my Facebook status bar,in my room,in my ipod,wafting out of the speakers,and now on my blog too.Dunno how long this phase is going to last,but I sure am enjoying it.
Toodles!Till then,hum a bar or two ,won't you?

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


"Laakh sambhalo paagal dil ko,
Dil dhadke hi jaye..."

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Tissue paper

Your warm hands envelop me,
You pull me to your side.
I try real hard to dry your tears,
Disinfect you from inside.

But then crumpled,I come down.
Laugh lines gone,I wear a little frown.
And then the equation sinks in,
I'm tissue paper headed for the nearest bin.

I bet you've heard of phoenixes,though
And how they rise from the ashes on the ground.
I fancy I'm taking on that colour myself,
I prepare to be used again ;the tissue paper waits to be found.

Then why has something changed today?
Some strength has come along!
I'm sorry,but orchestrating to your song
Isn't gonna work for long.

So don't get me started
On your silly lil insecurities,
Our unfathomable disparities.
The sinking realities...

I know you push me down one minute
And give me a hand the next.
I also know you try to apologise
By sending me some hilarious texts.
I know you cried last evening,
When he didn't return your call.
I can sense when you're feeling euphoric,
I try to help when you fall.

I don't know if I'm eligible to be called your best friend.
But all i know is I've been one,from the start to the end.

Why won't you acknowledge my shadow,
I know who you are inside.
Face it ,I'm not tissue paper.
I just might be your real guide.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Awkward silences

Silence is never soothing.Not for me atleast.
When there is something happening,there is sound.
When there is nothing left to happen,that is when there is deathly,hollow and numbening silence.And the thought scares me.

Tell me something new.Tell me something old.
Narrate.Recite.Sing.Laugh.Cry.Whisper.Mumble...just don't offer me that scary silence.

Goddamn it,is it so hard for you to say something to me?
I find it hard to believe that friends can suddenly disconnect.

As a last resort,please tell me you were friggin' kidding me. :|

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Tere naina

It's been quite a while since I saw a fantastic bollywood move visual....and when I say fatastic,I mean just that...straight out of a person's fantasy....floating,childlike,with pixiedust flying around.

The visual in question is the song Tere naina from Chandni Chowk To China.
Though the movie did bomb,the music in this song really needs to be appreciated and shared.Check it out...:)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

She's all that...

Eyes that haven't been bought off time,
Beauty that isn't so bewitching it ought to be a crime.
Hair that probably won't pass for a silken sheet,
No radiance that would launch a fleet.

And yet she wins the world over
With a soul so warm it could blow your cover.
Wanna fight?Bad idea,run for a mile...
Coz there she goes,with her disarming smile.

Pink,not from roses,but from the shyest blush,
Red,not from her gowns ,but her righteous anger.
Blue,not from elixir,but stolen from the bemused sky.
Green,not from envy ,but from that wreath of fallen leaves.

So go say sorry,or simply say hi.
No need to be wary,no disquieting urge to pry.
Put some cookies in your basket,and some flowers in your hat.
A lil magic into your life,coz yeah...she's all that!