Wednesday, 10 January 2007

The "ROCKSTAR" charm..

When i first heard the term"rockstar" it seemed...magical! That one prefix which gives you the wonderful power of making people dance to your tunes (both literally and...) !I remember on laundry day ,i'd wrap the curtains around me and croon into a bottle and hit the demo key on my keyboard.....and make my mom act like a star struck fan..(poor mom,she did do the part quite well)..
When we first began doing proper literature in class 7, we were ushered into a world where to quote quotes quite quickly(pardon the alliteration) was not to sound "cliched" but to sound well read,..when i used to blow up into an undeflatable balloon of content just because i knew who Mozart was and my neighbour did'nt ...,that was when i officially crossed the toll gate and stepped into "sophisticated sistah' city.. i thought rocker chic was for the wannabes and that anybody could top the blockbuster charts if they could shout out loud.......that was when my gang of friends and me wanted to know what Beethoven's fifth (or was it the 7th?)was...

Today... i came back drop dead tired from college and hit power on the tv remote
..and up came a familiar face,a sweet smile.. a sing along tune.. a cuppa of confidence..and before i knew it ,i was waltzing in the hall..crooning into my bottle again....

yeah, i officially went back to that toll gate and jumped back into the other side today..bcoz anyone who can generate so much of fever with a few syllables is worth applauding....yes,rock is decidedly addictive..not because it's something youre supposed to dance to.. but because it's something you want to dance to!