Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Unfinished sometimes=complete

Everyday at 1 p.m. ,this past one week,I've been doing something soul-stirring.I've been having lunch up on the third floor of an unfinished building on the college campus.

Not what you expected is it?

No scintillating conversation,no beautiful music.Well,unless you count the sound of the wind blowing in your ears, at once fierce and frenzied,at once soft and soothing.That ,and the heartbreakingly beautiful silence that resonates within that unfinished space.

I love this building.It's like the agony aunt I never had,the shoulder that never was.This is where I pour it all out,not the usual hair tug-teeth gnash inducing stuff,but also some anguished wondering.It's not a place to vent frustration or something though.Sometimes I also unwind,listen to something Coldplay,and write a bit,like I am now.

What makes it a good retreat is that everything-every emotion that you throw at the stone walls rebounds and returns to you.You would think that this kind of a boomerang sounds plain awful,but it isn't like that.You just have to sit there and drown in the thought that's plaguing you till it engulfs you and you finally learn to accept it.Then,then, the pain,the resentment or whatever it is that's bothering you,ceases.
Eternal,evasive,unattainable quiet.

People aren't usually crazy about a landscape of stone.Not me though.Spare me your rolling hills and your bloody bloomin' flowers.

Give me some raw wet cement,some bare stone, swirls of dust clouds flying about the place and a patch of endless sky to watch.All of it.
Give me a place that's comforting in its constancy,etched irremovably on my course, as if in stone.
Give me a place that is as soulful as it is simple.
Give me a world with no mirrors,save the ones you find in other people.
Give me a world with music everywhere,like an orchestra on autopilot.

And that's why,everyday,at 1 p.m,I have my lunch up on the third floor of an unfinished building.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The best tunes

The best tunes are always the old ones :)
The very wise DJ on 94.3 FM ,Radio One (Bangalore's local radio station) says that people like oldies music because it isn't all electronic. I totally agree.
Music that reeks of synthesizer and voice edits is starting to bore me.It all sounds the goes blimp blimp blimp and the other is a tic toc tic (yes Kesha,I'm sorry honey,i can't bring myself to like tik tok.)
The reason I posted this was because I'm celebrating Train-one of my favourite pop bands.They're not really old (depends-would you call late nineties old?...oh preteens,this question ain't for you. :D) but they make really nice and soothing music->not acapella ,but still...they don't sound very different when they sing live.Im' sure everyone's heard of their single Drops of Jupiter...and if you haven't ...listen now,you'll thank me for it :)