Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Of sticks and stones (and cloaks too...)

What's it feel like to play a dangerous game of hide and seek ...knowing that losing the game can mean losing your freedom,your loved ones and most importantly, your life?

Ask Harry.Or better yet,read the book that's sent us all into a frenzy.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is the seventh and final book of the popular series penned by J.K Rowling.We catch up with our favourite teenage wizard and his faithful friends Ron & Hermione ,only to find that Evil has cast its murky shadows on the magical world .The Dark wizard Lord Voldemort has wasted no time in establishing his reign,which means that war clouds are gathering on the horizon.

The trio of Ron,Harry and Hermione is on a mission :to uncover the hidden horcruxes of Voldemort.Together with them,we travel all across England in search of these elusive containers of Voldemort's soul when we stumble across the legend of "the deathly hallows",an alternative formula to mastering death.The plot thickens considerably as Harry reaches the cross-roads:Hallows or Horcruxes?

While the pieces of the puzzle come together,jkr takes us on an emotional journey of beautiful friendship and inspiring courage.Characters are explored to their depths.The victorious nature of love is truly the central theme of this book.

The story is fast-paced ,with quite a few hairpin bends. From the start to the end,we are treated to non-stop entertaining magical action ,with a few breathers where we rejoice and repent along with our protagonists.With true genius ,Jkr seals every loose end that sprung up in the earlier books .

The growing tension ends in a grand Apocalypse:a battle of virtue vs vice.What lies beyond: an era of peace and prosperity or a graveyard of shattered hopes ?That's for you to find out.

With smart humour and compelling mystery,this book is a must read for all fantasy and fiction afficionados.
Don't miss the end to one of most exciting sagas of fiction.The Deathly Hallows is a 608 page adrenaline rush that is sure to be enjoyed by kids,teen and adults alike.