Friday, 20 June 2008

Epic dreams

Googling random words is something of a pastime with me.It's the second most interesting thing you can do on the net.(the first is blogging!D'uh!)

So when a Google search on "dreams" threw up a website dedicated to dream interpretation,I checked it out.To my surprise,dreams are actually dissected,analyzed and interpreted in myriad ways till something interesting and tabloid worthy comes out of them (and to think we're asked to live in reality!)

Now the most interesting of all these dream categories is The Epic Dream.

The Epic Dream
Very few of us are fortunate enough to witness epic dreams .This is a title given to dreams which are large in proportion,magnificent in detail,grand in occurrence,and spell binding in entirety.The are expected to last for a good few hours of your sleep ;which is quite a rarity for a dream anyway.

I wonder if I have ever had one of these fantastic things unleashed across my unconscious mind;I never would know though,because I hardly ever remember my dreams.

But I can't help wonder what kind of epic fantasy would capture my Inner Eye,what I would dwell on ,what kind of elements this phenomenon would incorporate.

Scenario one
I'd be walking across a large,rolling green meadow,with blades of grass rippling in the wind.The hour would be that of twilight,and the sound of the sea crashing onto the haughty rocks would be the ideal background score.I'd commune with the powers of the heavens,ponder about life,death and everything that falls in the abyss between Life and Death.Stormy clouds would race across the tinted sky ,and Nature would be at its best...fearsome,wild and wacky.

Scenario Two
Colonial Rome.The Rome of Julius and Octavius Caesar.The Rome which was caught in a conflict of political ideologies,and shimmered with the pixie dust of change.Adorned with a befitting armour and helmet,armed with the finest ruby encrusted sword,and
pumped with the adrenalin rush that precedes action,I would march across a vast battleground to parley with the opposition.
Later I would lead my men into battle,and with me ,my army would seek their justice ,their truth ,their dawn in a whirl of movement.I would be the triumphant princess who led the land to freedom.

Well,these are the only two ideas I've had which come close to being my idea of an epic dream,but that simply is because of my limited horizon.Your epic dream would probably involve seas,mountains and the like.Or maybe even an unimaginable exploration of other galaxies.Or the much sought after chocolate factory tour,competing with Willy Wonka's version for first place.You never know,do ya?