Friday, 26 June 2009

No,I'm not a Legilimens!

All of us,at one time or another,have faced double standards.And doled them out too. And while people may have reason to mask their real feelings from time to time,constant pretense is just …annoying.

Sometimes I wish people would tell me what exactly they think of me.But since they never do that,I have to play mind reader and lemme tell you ;it’s really hard to filter out true emotion from all the socializing crap.But a part of me wonders if I’ll be able to handle the truth. Dependent creature that I am,I dont really know if I’ll be able to digest the idea that a friend or a loved one prefers not having me around.

Sure,no one can hope for universal popularity,to borrow a phrase from Dumbledore.All one can hope for is a little honesty,some patience and a tinge of reality in the farce that are some relationships today.

Ah hope!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

99.part silly,part sober,pure paisa vasool

A hot Sunday afternoon in Bangalore with little cash leaves you with little options of leisure activity.So my friends and me hit the mall to catch a flick and do some quality tp (for people unfamiliar with Hinglish vernacular,tp=time pass).

Fueled with desires of watching some Matthew Perry-Zac Effron humor,we reached our destination,only to find that 17 again wasn't being screened.With the oh-so-frustrating multiplex strike that was active countrywide,we didn't have much to choose from.In the end, we decided upon 99.

To be honest,we didn't expect much.The reviews were very mixed, and we were in a very Hollywoody mood,so we just accepted the afternoon as it unwound and settled in theater #7 ,waiting for the "part fact. part fiction.pure fun" to hit us.

Fun was an understatement.I loved the movie!!!We were treated to a good three hours of wholesome,cheerful,childishly wicked,and entertaining cinema.Everything about the movie impressed (me).I don't know squat about screenplay,cinematography or any of the finer details but what I do know is that if you are a part of the typical young(or young at heart) crowd and are blessed with an open mind,you will love this casualand humorous look at the lives of two petty crooks who meddle their way out of a sticky end.

The characters were fresh,the actors... wonderfully real.The humor,irreverent and unflattering.The message,well,there were none ..but that's the whole point really.This movie doesn't preach ,nor does it resort to any cinematic "formula".It simply offers you a slice of life's roller coaster rides,and a delightful slice at that.

What to watch out for? The Kunal Khemu-Cyrus Broacha duo.Wow!It reminded me of the famous Chandler Joey chemistry.The crooks offer lots of gyaan throughout the movie though they blunder through their own lives :)
Soha Ali Khan,pretty and powerful,shows us she can carry off a goofy joke as well as 5 inch stilettos with impish charm.Boman Irani ,as versatile as ever is the chronic gambler who battles his creditors with wry laughter and smart maneuvers.We couldn't have asked for a better cast.
Another interesting fact is that the movie is set in the pre millenium era,with fads,jokes,cellphones,and incidents from the years 1999-2000,which makes for an interesting background.

This is not an average afternoon no-brainer, but a lighthearted attempt at an intelligent film.And needless to add,a successful attempt.Kudos to the team of 99!There were so many moments when you will just have to turn around to look at your friends and share an anecdote or two because somewhere the movie strikes a chord.Yes indeed. Do watch it if you get around to it.