Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bleak mornings


This is quite a change.I used to love the sudden rain showers which are something of an acquaintance to people like me ,who live in the Deccan Plateau.However,all the monsoons have been doing lately is ruining my plans.Plans to go out.Plans to meet for lunch.Plans to take a walk in the shopper friendly Brigade road.Plans to raid the panipuri stalls that dot my locality.Basically,all plans which do not involve me sitting morosely at home ,playing Scrabble with myself.Yes,I am aware my life is sad as of now.Big picture please!!!:x

Whatever happened to the rain showers which would last for quarter of an hour,and then vanish quite nicely,leaving behind an optimistic rainbow or two?
Guess the weather is quite keen on imitating the economy,seeing as both have decided to come crashing down.

However,I'm a wee bit thankful to this bleak morning.It's given me a chance to blog,and is that kheer I smell in the kitchen ?

Well...maybe bleak mornings aren't half as bad as I thought they were.
I sincerely hope this foul weather clears up though.I want to be able to resume wandering aimlessly around the city,with my best buds in tow.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Extracted from a conversation with the friendly neighbourhood third grader.

Me :"So,Rini,you seem to be awfully busy on the comp these days,why don't you try doing something read your science you know what environmental problems we have???"

Rini(busy playing a shoot the aliens game) :"Suuure I do .Global warming,endangered animals,oil spills,deforestration,...blah blah."

Folks,if a third grader can rattle off about such a topic while playing a "pressing many keys on the keyboard simlutaneously" kinda game,then it really is a red flag... :|