Saturday, 27 December 2008

I don't like tall buildings

I don't like buildings,
They scare me.
With their awe-inspiring heights and tizzying grandeur,
They make me want to run for safety.

When I stand on a tall tower,I know I can reach out to them clouds.
Feel their delicious softness,bask in the dappled sunlight they nestle in their midst.

But when I stand on the roads,I don't stand alone.
I see other heads ,just like mine,peering up at the unseen heights above.
With hungry eyes and bated breath,we watch the heavens crossing by.
And yet,we know,they will visit again,with stories that enchant,inspire motivate.

Yes,I like the roads more than the skyscrapers.
The familiar roughness of asphalt lends more support than the enviable smoothness of marble.
The mediocrity of dust is safer than the uncertainty of glitter.

I like the roads,because they lie at the bottom of that abyss from where you can sight the elusive sight that is a dream!!! :)

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Dil se Hyderabadi

Six months of separation.And one glorious week of reunion.Bound to bring about an upsurge of emotion.
I want to cry,laugh,sing,dance,cheer,whoop,yell,taunt,rejoice,sigh,celebrate.

I choose to blog.

This post is dedicated to my favourite city in the whole world,Hyderabad.And my friends who live there.The ones who have,yet again,taught me to love and love life like never before.

Where is my Hyderabadi dil?

In a heady auto ride,through narrow gullies,while pesky schoolboys run helter-skelter.

On a riotous swing,nestled between the madhumulati bushes that dot my home.

On the seat of my faithful scooter,that has led my friends and me to many an afternoon of adventure.

In the whirlwind of motion that comes with every step that one takes in Hyderabad,I seek refuge.

Where is my Hyderabadi dil?

In the SRK songs that Abhi and me chant,at regular gappe ke sessions at the local

In the soulful clanging of the bells ,announcing the evening aarti at the shrine of the West Marredpally temple.

In the rythmic beats of Timberlake's vocal chords,as he croons "Apologize" into my ears,everytime I walk at 5:OO a.m,in a futile attempt at exercise.

In the melody of sounds that play ,like a beautiful accompaniment,when you listen to the soul of Hyderabad,in the melody,I seek refuge.

Where is my Hyderabadi dil?

In the chocolatey,gooey delight of pastries at CCD,Begumpet,listening to Sakshi talking her heart out.

In the meetha of the puchkas of Ratnadeep Chaat,which are like amrut to a parched throat,like Utopia to a parched heart.

In the tadka of the subzis at Utsav,where I have feasted,whilst celebrating birthdays,get-togethers,succeses,and maybe even failures.

In the bittersweet melange of tastes that descend upon my taste buds,every time I grab a plate in Hyderabad,I take refuge.

Where is my Hyderabadi dil?

In the promising blue of Saturday mornings ,bits of which can be spotted from the windows of FIITJEE.

In the smiling green of Friday evenings,that used to soothe me as Dad would drive through Necklace Road.

In the ambitious white of the lights at our loacal outdoor badminton court,underneath which Aks and I would wait,armed with raquets,patience and weird jokes that only both of us understand.

In the panorama of colours that paint the surreal,fascinating mystical city that I used to inhabit,I seek refuge.

Dear dear city,it pains me to realize that everytime I meet you,it is only to depart again.
Everytime I wave hello,it is only to wave goodbye again.

Everytime I run about ,gathering old memories,reliving old friendships,and buying lost time,it is only to wake up to the fact that time will never be the same again,because I will never be a real Hyderabadi again.

Phir bhi apun bolega,hum dil se hyderabadi hain,aur hyderabadi rahenge.

I would rather not end with a pompous salaam,in a desperate bid to mask all sorrow.

I quietly slink away...

Last time I was here...

You know what?
When I'm in a place I visit frequently(when I say frequently I mean more frequently than I would visit the toilet,and less frequently than I would visit the gym),I think about the last time that I was there.
Right now,I'm sitting at the same cafe that I was ,nearly a year ago.Though I don't live in the same city anymore,I'm actually visiting some friends there now.
With no homes to invade on a scorching Thursday afternoon,I'm whiling time away at this coffee cum broadband cafe,and thinking about the last time I was here.
Judging by what I posted then,I was high on coffee,jobless and happy.
And I suppose now I am pensive,nostalgic,and ...yes,jobless.
Anyway,take a look at what I had to say.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bleak mornings


This is quite a change.I used to love the sudden rain showers which are something of an acquaintance to people like me ,who live in the Deccan Plateau.However,all the monsoons have been doing lately is ruining my plans.Plans to go out.Plans to meet for lunch.Plans to take a walk in the shopper friendly Brigade road.Plans to raid the panipuri stalls that dot my locality.Basically,all plans which do not involve me sitting morosely at home ,playing Scrabble with myself.Yes,I am aware my life is sad as of now.Big picture please!!!:x

Whatever happened to the rain showers which would last for quarter of an hour,and then vanish quite nicely,leaving behind an optimistic rainbow or two?
Guess the weather is quite keen on imitating the economy,seeing as both have decided to come crashing down.

However,I'm a wee bit thankful to this bleak morning.It's given me a chance to blog,and is that kheer I smell in the kitchen ?

Well...maybe bleak mornings aren't half as bad as I thought they were.
I sincerely hope this foul weather clears up though.I want to be able to resume wandering aimlessly around the city,with my best buds in tow.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Extracted from a conversation with the friendly neighbourhood third grader.

Me :"So,Rini,you seem to be awfully busy on the comp these days,why don't you try doing something read your science you know what environmental problems we have???"

Rini(busy playing a shoot the aliens game) :"Suuure I do .Global warming,endangered animals,oil spills,deforestration,...blah blah."

Folks,if a third grader can rattle off about such a topic while playing a "pressing many keys on the keyboard simlutaneously" kinda game,then it really is a red flag... :|

Friday, 31 October 2008

Dear Dad,

Dear Dad,
It is very difficult for me to write a letter...not just to you,but to anyone in this world...and I think part of it is because I am impulsive.I think wait,scratch that out,because impulses hardly ever go hand in hand with though,do they?
I suppose I act,react,feel and express at an alarmingly quick rate,that sometimes,emotions tumble over.Musings that brew at the very back of my mind come out,all in a stutter.Petty spite and short lived resentment flare up and burn some fragile threads of conversation...and sometimes these threads can never be reattached.
I am too scared to lose the people who are a part of my world,and this prevents me from being downright frank and genuine with them.Hence,...the long silences.

Of course,losing people is something I've become used to.It's almost routine now.Moving out of Hyderabad meant saying Goodbye to so many lil friends,formal friends,"jus-for hanging out" friends and the ones whom I can talk to till two a.m.
Moving out of a familiar circle of faces was like leaving the pleasant Australian seas behind to sail out to the cold,gloomy lonely Antarctic shores.
The difference is that I know that I mustn't sail back,even if I knew I could.

I always hated your job,Dad.Yessir,living out of the suitcase for months together can douse the wanderlust in anyone.Moving to a new place every three years ,fitting into a cozy group of your own only to abruptly leave again,and always having a different house,a different school,a different identity is something I cannot,and probably will not ever understand.That's just the problem though,isn't it?
I didn't understand.I didn't understand that it wasn't all just about me.I did not even meander around the possibility that there probably are bigger losses in the picture.Deeper disappointments,stronger regrets,or more wistful expectations that float around in your mind.

And yet, you haver never let me remain with a frown on my forehead for too long.With hot cups of cheerful coffee(with the chef's special ingredient:double pyaar), sincere apologies,earnest promises,warm smiles,and even more warm words,you wipe away my tears,and bring in a little more hope,a little more light.
You are the best pick me up drink Ive ever had the fortune to taste,Papa,and I will always be glad that I was picked to be your daughter.

I know ,that like you,all Dads,try to be the ideal "man",completely involved in dressing others' wounds,while their own blood trickles unnoticed.I admit that I sometimes took this for granted,secure in the thought that there was always one person whom I could fall back on,my cushion,my infallible barrier from all things that are big and bad,cold and cruel.I remember ,in a flash,a conversation we once had,back when the world was a happy riot of colour.You asked me:"Always be with the people in your life.You can buy everything in the market,heck even hearts,but not people."Only,I've never had the need to reflect upon these words,until now.

However,I've opened my eyes to the fact that,barriers shatter too.
Mighty oaks sway,houses of brick start to shake,and the bravest of hearts shudder.
And that is when the willows sway too,trying in vain to block the oaks from the gusty fiends.That is when the humble powdery cement tapes the red bricks onto the foundation,and that is when little hands soothe the hurt,pieces of bravehearts.
If prayers can move mountains,then surely prayers can carry my heartfelt sentiments across the borders to you ,Papa.

My father.My hero...
I pray for your mental and physical strength and well being.May the angels watch over you.

Your loving daughter.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Happy diwali!!!!!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

The new Macbook

Apple,the king of all all things tech savvy,has updated its Macbook,and how!
With intel core 2 duo microprocessor technology,finger happy keypads and much much more,this new notebook is sure to rocket to the top of the Indian consumer's shopping list.

For a quick dekko
at the features,go to

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Ok,so I've been tagged to write down 6 quirks of mine..they could be funny,scary,cute or just plain moronic...And so here are my honest- to -goodness answers.

1)If I ever happen to think about something I don't want happening in the near future,I feel sorry for having even thought about it and I say "Cancel"aloud.

2)I don't like "ssup?" I don't mid Waddup or even the lame-o what is up,but ssup is just too ...i dunno..weird...i think this picture of someone hissing pops up in my head.:D

3)I always sleep with my legs in one position,like an L...just cant sleep any other way.I remember being yelled at by a nurse in a hospital I was admitted in,when I refused to lie straight despite understanding that not doing so could cause some serious damage to the i-v tubes...ok,,,judge all you want!

4)I try my best to wear blue clothing on pajamas,blue salwar,blue tee,,oh and yes blue jeans!

5)I often turn my cell off...not that people message me 24*7,I'd rather turn it off for a coupla hours,and then switch it back on to see if anyone's texted or called me.
Not that I'm a loner,or even an introvert.

6)If I'm sitting on the PC chair(the one in front of the pc,you wise thing) and yakking on the phone,I pull out the keyboard andtype out what I'm saying,for the heck of it,and maybe to improve my amateurish typing speed.

There!I'm done,And I hereby tag every blogger who reads this post.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Where's my hammock?

"Sometimes in the winds of change,we find our true direction."

When you're in your comfort zone,you never ask if this is what you wanted for yourself.Face it,epiphany and enigma aren't exactly our best friends when we're well settled in an idyllic,lazy,cozy spot in our lives.
But what happens when you're pushed out of the hammock?
You'll fall down..Maybe you'll bruise yourself.You might even earn yourself a few deep scars in the process.You'll want to lay in the mud for a while,because you're scared if you'll be able to walk again.
But,eventually you will dust the dirt off your hands.You'll shrug,and walk away with a little of hurt pride,a grain of defiance.Slowly,you'll walk across other lawns,and see other people their lives.And before you realize it,you'll be glad you decided to walk again...glad that the one tear you shed didn't prevent a thousand smiles from coming your way.And just when you've made peace with life,you'll find an empty hammock,of the right height,in the right spot,with the right amount of sunlight and breeze around,just right...right for you right then,anyway.
So..what if you fall out again?
Go back to line 1 and read...:)

Friday, 20 June 2008

Epic dreams

Googling random words is something of a pastime with me.It's the second most interesting thing you can do on the net.(the first is blogging!D'uh!)

So when a Google search on "dreams" threw up a website dedicated to dream interpretation,I checked it out.To my surprise,dreams are actually dissected,analyzed and interpreted in myriad ways till something interesting and tabloid worthy comes out of them (and to think we're asked to live in reality!)

Now the most interesting of all these dream categories is The Epic Dream.

The Epic Dream
Very few of us are fortunate enough to witness epic dreams .This is a title given to dreams which are large in proportion,magnificent in detail,grand in occurrence,and spell binding in entirety.The are expected to last for a good few hours of your sleep ;which is quite a rarity for a dream anyway.

I wonder if I have ever had one of these fantastic things unleashed across my unconscious mind;I never would know though,because I hardly ever remember my dreams.

But I can't help wonder what kind of epic fantasy would capture my Inner Eye,what I would dwell on ,what kind of elements this phenomenon would incorporate.

Scenario one
I'd be walking across a large,rolling green meadow,with blades of grass rippling in the wind.The hour would be that of twilight,and the sound of the sea crashing onto the haughty rocks would be the ideal background score.I'd commune with the powers of the heavens,ponder about life,death and everything that falls in the abyss between Life and Death.Stormy clouds would race across the tinted sky ,and Nature would be at its best...fearsome,wild and wacky.

Scenario Two
Colonial Rome.The Rome of Julius and Octavius Caesar.The Rome which was caught in a conflict of political ideologies,and shimmered with the pixie dust of change.Adorned with a befitting armour and helmet,armed with the finest ruby encrusted sword,and
pumped with the adrenalin rush that precedes action,I would march across a vast battleground to parley with the opposition.
Later I would lead my men into battle,and with me ,my army would seek their justice ,their truth ,their dawn in a whirl of movement.I would be the triumphant princess who led the land to freedom.

Well,these are the only two ideas I've had which come close to being my idea of an epic dream,but that simply is because of my limited horizon.Your epic dream would probably involve seas,mountains and the like.Or maybe even an unimaginable exploration of other galaxies.Or the much sought after chocolate factory tour,competing with Willy Wonka's version for first place.You never know,do ya?

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Be your own rainmaker

Destiny is too powerful a concept.

There's something about it that reduces life to an irrefutable math equation.

Can life really be preordained?Do you simply ride it like a roller coaster,cheering at the turns and screaming during the loops?

Naah!There's more to it than that.

Subconsciously,you know what you want from life.
You also have a rough idea of what you need to do to keep yourself satisfied.
You occasionally spot potential opportunities that might unlock the door to your very own personalised ultimate achievement.

You simply need someone to tell you what to do step-by-step.A person who'd reproachfully glare the moment you strayed away from The Path.
A teacher,a guide,a trail,a map,take your pick.

For that,you certanly can help yourself with a self -help book,a chat with your agony aunt,a tete-a-tete with your inner self, or some focussed meditation.

Do you really have to work up a frenzy by reading too much into your horoscope?
Do you want to turn a perfect match into a train wreck of an interaction because the two zodiacs weren't compatible?
And pray tell me, do you have to parade hideous assortments of gemstones on your anatomy?

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Brown.AAh,delightful,earth,soothing brown.
I was always a blue person until now,all of a sudden,I've taken a liking to brown.
I must confess ,nothing in brown ever appealed to me except chocolate(people who don't fancy chocolate are simply not worth being called people).
But,as I look around,I notice there's lots of brown beauty,waiting to catch the eye.
Like wood.Deep brown mahogany coffee tables look dreamy ,with proper lighting.It's almost like when you're writing on such a table you want to do a good job of your assignment,coz the table merits it.

Also,brown nail polish.Now this is for the ladies,(unless you're a guy who gets all excited about nail polish??}The tiny bottles with cocoa coloured glossy liquid put you in the mood for the fun side of life.

Brown,wet earthy mud.Honestly,how many of you haven't gotten muddy at all?
All of us have squealed with impish glee while jumping into brownish puddles,and chortled after making mud pies and whisking it at innocent passers-by.
Remember the surf ad(daag achche hain?) where the brother pummels the ground for having made his little sis's uniform messy?Aww,how cute was that?

Brown.Coffee!(I'm sure you must have observed that my mind runs in the food circle most of the time.)Anyway,obvious observations aside,mocha truly is the ambrosia of today's elite,of today's youth,of today's....what the heck,coffee is everybody's drink today.Upward spiraling growth rates in cafe culture are an indication of how addictive a cup of this brown something can be.

Brown.Brown hair.Wow.Whether it's a horse's rippling mane or a head full of haor,brown that way is beautiful.Sometimes I wish I were a brunette,instead of it being the Indian stereotype,raven black.

Brown.Cute little dachshunds with their shiny brown coats or stout little pugs with their "adorable pools of brown " eyes.Darn,if only my mother wasn't allergic to dog fur.Could a kind blog reader gift me a dog of my own?(blinks innocently)

But there's also another brown.The brown of poverty,the dirty brown of slums,where a perennial cloud of gloom reigns.Does this brown remind us of our moral duties,does it evoke a desire to participate in eradicating this curse?It certainly does,only some of us choose to direct this energy towards that fab brown jacket,a la Abercombie.

Wow,brown sure is a lot of things.

Muffins and cookies,and all things brown.
Sometimes leaving a smile where once sat a frown.
Reflections of life in these waters of brown.
Patches of reality in these daubs of brown.

Later ,
till then,
yours sincerely,

Sunday, 27 April 2008


The most motivational ideas about doing certain things come to me when I'm doing other things which are very important,and I end up losing focus in the task at hand.

Like today,i was writing my AIEEE entrance,and halfway through a question on Organic Chem,I began wondering why I haven't given myself enough time in a long long period.

There are lots of things I'd like to do right now...

1)I want to hit the pillow without having to set an alarm fr tomorrow morning.

2)I want to go for a long jog in the park with my jogging buddies (an assorted group of people who need to lose as much of lard as moa) (sheepish grin)

3)I want to download every song that Norah Jones has ever sung ,learn them all by heart and sing myself to sleep with them this very night

4) I want to locate my school yearbooks and leaf through my articles in them,my class photos,and relive that classroom euphoria.

5)I want to watch HP movies 1 through 5,kinda like a movie marathon ,non stop.

6)I want to drink a glass of melted Dairy Milk (I told ya I was a lardy person :) )

7)I want to ride a comet to the moon and sit on a cloud whilst watching you poor earthlings satisfying your selves with reading blog entries of adventures!(now don't be offended or anything)

8)I want to go for a drive with my Dad,(who lives in another city,btw,)times,like earlier times, singing "Mein shayar toh nahin "at the top of my voice,with orchestral accompaniment courtesy Dad.

9)I want to persuade my Mom to go for a medical check up.She says her left arm feels spasmed,and she's just not looking into it(Between you and me,it's parents who are the kids sometimes)

10)I want to think of more things to say on this list of mine.I fear I'm coming off too non-ambitious ,what with a mere ten-point list and all...

However,as always...

You took the words right out of my mouth,Calvin. :(

Friday, 18 April 2008

Not-so-desperate housewives

Alright!So I decided to finally watch a bit of this overrated soap on star world.
I was expecting a bunch of pretentious women who didnt really have problems,but were bored enough to solve imaginary ones.
And boy,they didn't fail to deliver.

To be fair,the soap is shot beautifully.The coiffed residents may have financial problems once in a while ,but it looks like their friendly manicurist and hairdresser always lets them in on credit..;).The dialogue is smart at times,and the actors do try to bring substance into an otherwise dreamy world...but the script could be a little better!

If the show intends to mock at idyllic life in the world of the wedded socialites ,it deserves a 10 on 10.

I loved the voice at the beginning and the ending,(Brenda Strong,is it?)It's a cute way of bringing the viewer back to the bird's eye view.

On the whole,in my book,it gets a 6 on 10.

P.S:This is just my opinion ,as is this just my blog.Never take me too seriously;I once thought my mother was actually asked to admit me to Hogwarts,but panicked and refused...I think I spent a day or two looking fot the "letter" from Dumbledore too..[blushes in embarrassment].


Thursday, 3 April 2008

Spelling it out

I just wanted to share a list of my favourite spells from the Harry Poter series with you .They're not necessarily the best spells in history,but they're the ones that appealed to me,some because they were powerful,some because they were fun and some coz they sound so darn good.

Accio-simple,helpful,handy,easy to pronounce .Summons objects.

Expecto Patronum-in a way,it generates hope!

Point me-I love the simple wording...HP readers know what it does.For the others,it makes your wand act like a compass.

Wingardium Leviosa-Apart from the fact that you can make things fly about,it's memorable to me coz there's a Ron-Hermione dialogue associated with it.

Ron -"Wingardium Leviosaaa!"
Hermione-"It's Leviooosa ,not Leviosaaa.Make the' gar' nice and long."
Ron-"You do it then,if you're so clever.

Peskipiksipesternomi-Can you guess the inventor of this (fake)spell?Hint:It's five times winner of Witch Weekly's most charming smile award!

Muffliato-Keeps eavesdroppers away by creating a weird buzzing noise.

Incendio-Starts a roarin' fire.

Silencio-Shut just about any Muggle up!

Alohomora-Opens most locked doors.A boon for any wannabe Sherlock Holmes.

Lumos -You could,in Yellowcard's words,"LIGHT UP THE SKY"...

Avis -Makes birds shoot out of your wand(.Pretty ,ain't it?)

Imperio-Control people.Just think of the possibilities.You could convince the richest man in the world to leave you his property,or convince SRK to visit you at your place( ok,il admit im a Srk fan!)

Tarantallegra-Makes your opponent dance .LOL!

That's about it.

Oh,and I almosr forgot,JKR,i love ya.Thank you for Harry Potter!

Sunday, 30 March 2008


HI there, whoever out there.
This is just to inform you that I am officially freaking about the upcoming exams and I will not be posting anything for quite a while!

Well,that was a cheery post,eh?

Friday, 22 February 2008

Survivor ,are ya?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

"Latte"ral thinking...

If there's anything good about the cafe culture that's rampant today,it's the coffees they serve!Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too?If you're done with the first cup,go get a refill!
For the sweet-toothed undercover angels out there,there's always somethingwith butterscotch,caramel syrup or whipped cream in it.For the reality check guys,there are fiery espressos with a dash of cinnamon.For the busy businessman or your average corporate honcho,you've got a reliable black coffee,while for the kids,there's always something full of chocolatey gooey goodness.

Out of the many things,I'm thankful for,cafes figure high on my list.
Cafe made coffee is one of the many little things that makes life in the city a lil more bearable.Worried ,angry ,sad or disappointed,I find I can always drown my pleasures in a cup of good old mocha! :)

Cheers to all the coffee lovers out there.Let the magic last forever!

P.S:Yes,I did make this blog entry after a particularly delightful cup of Cappucino.


Sunday, 17 February 2008

Nikle Hum,Bike Pe Sawaar...


Well,I'm pumped up on this Roadies thing man....the crazy thing,is though,four earlier seasons of this show have come and gone,I've never even watched a single frame.Always one to be wary of these...well..."reality" show,I shunned Roadies like the plague.

Well,i recently rethought this anti reality show kick,and I'm glad I did.I've temporarily rediscovered entertainment...aaj ke youth ki ishshtyle mein!

Roadies is a prefect mirror of life in the inclement metros of India...a lil of sugar,a lil of spice,but a lllllooooootttttt of ATTITUDE!It's basically an impromptu sketch of how 13 people came together to pit mind ,body n soul(well designer jackets)...against each other,and in the end,the toughest warrior,the ultimate survivor is crowned Roadie!(i know i keep using the term Roadie in every term,but hey this post is about Roadies....n plus i think the word ROADIE has a nice ring to it!)

Wannabes,glam dolls,and wiseguys are asked to take a hike,while the roadies are put through a row of tasks that challenge their basic instinct,passion and emotion....You could be asked to goof around on a banana boat or perform asanas on a mallakhamb when you're drop dead all looks unbelievably simple, but man,50 + people and crew cum cameramen watching,the pressure of exposing( i mean like showing who you are,pervert!)yourself on natinol all adds up,dunnit?

So...sound right up your alley?Tune in to connect wid Roadies airs every Saturday at 7.00 pm on MTV.

Till then ,leavin you wid a lil of adrenaline...

Presenting,the official MTV Roadies 5.0 theme song:
Ghar Se Hum Chale, Bas Ek Backpack Aur Ek Guitar

Paison Ki Fikar Nahi, Bike Pe Hum Sawaar

Raahon Ki Hai Khabar, Na Manzil Ka Hai Pataa

Phir Bhi Chal Diye, Jaane Ab Hoga Kya

Oh Oh, Oh Yeah, OK

Jeet Lenge Yaar

Ghar Se Hum Chale, Bas Ek Backpack Aur Ek Guitar

Paison Ki Fikar Nahi, Bike Pe Hum Sawaar

Oh Oh, Oh Yeah, OK

Jeet Lenge Yaar

Gaali Sunna Acchaa Lagta Hain Na Tere Ko

Looks Nahi Hai, Personality Bhi Nahi Hai

You’re Not Interesting Dude, You’re Just Boring

Yaar Aisa Kar, Main Bahut Thak Gaya Hoon

Apna Gaal Zor Se Mere Haath Pe Maar, Please

Bhag Yahan Se

Hai Yeh Aadhi Par Cutting Hai Zindagi

Kal Thi Easy Ab Kathin Hai Zindagi

Ghar Pe Baithe Doston Ko Kya Mila

Hai Safar Yeh Puncturon Ka Silsila

Jaane Kahaan Le Jaayega

Khwabon Ka Hai Yeh Karvan

Jo Chal Sako Tum Bhi Chalo Yaaron

Apni Hi Dhun Mein Main Chala

Oh Oh, Oh Yeah, OK

Jeet Lenge Yaar

Friday, 8 February 2008



There you have it.Pure indifference,spelled out in two simple words.
Over the years,we have incorporated this particular gene which helps us to ignore all things sad and pathetic around us.This immunity is so efficient that it acts like a metre thick lead wall,shielding every piteous sight and muffling every anguished cry.

The other day, I was taking a break in the park.Merrily swinging on the metal jhoola when this little kid of about four walked up to the swing next to me and clambered onto it.
After a few minutes of silence broken only by the rhythmic squeak of the swings,with innocent curiosity ,the kid,let's call her Chhoti,began a friendly interrogation.

"Where are you from?" "What did you say your name was?" "What do you do?""What is your name?" "Is your favourite colour pink?" "Your favourite colour is blue?Really,blue?"
"Shall we play something?" "Err...what's your name?"

In spite of my miserable mood,I soon became engrossed in this conversation.After a minute or to,a young servant maid of 8 or 9 years joined us in the park.She was the bai or the caretaker/playmate of Chhoti.She shot an inquisitorial glance at me.After assuring her that I lived in the same colony,and that I wasn't some weirdo who hung around the swings despite not being a toddler,she stood beside us demurely.

"Which class are you in ?"

I reverted back to the conversation and proceeded to satisfy Chhoti's eternal thirst for facts about my life.

"I'm in college."

"Well I'm in kindergarten; and this girl here...",Chhoti said,glancing at the 8 year old caretaker,"..she isn't in any class."

"What do you mean?"I ventured.

"Oh ,she's not in any class,just at home.All the time."She concluded in a cool,indifferent ,superior voice.

Reality bit me,hard.Well,...I dont blame Chhoti.The kid's probably seen the young caretaker around the house,doing odd jobs and cooing to her,all the time.The kid accepted her partially as her "friend" and in the same breath,seated her on a lower pedestal because the elder one didn't,and probably couldn't afford to attend school. Albeit unintentionally,this kid had become one of the grown ups who categorize people based on their stand in education ,wealth or family status,rather than trying to connect to a person's emotions or personality.
Attitudes like this might retard the rise of the wave of change that is slowly beginning to take shape in society.

So wht've we gotta do?
We gotta correct the error of our ways,retype the code in our heart and reprogram ourselves to wake up to a barrier-free world!

Friday, 1 February 2008

I'l have a slice...

have elapsed since I stopped trying to be in ,stopped hitting the gym,or started hitting Subways or McDs.Blame it on the exams.To top it,my chemistry paper today did not go well.After a few nerve wracking hours where I just watched other people sketch ink over their sheets(commonly referred to as kaagaz kala karna in Hindi),I gave in.I could here the burgers and the lattes beseeching me to come ,wine ,dine and forget all about Chemistry...Always the impulsive one,I grabbed a pal and a fork,some scrawny 50 rupee bills and set off to the land where phenomena like eating disorders or words like diet were unheard of.

I blissfully devoured a Happy Meal.God,I can just picture those nasty little calories setting camp inside my body....pure evil fat.:(

And now three hours later,here I am ,laziness personified,perched comfily on a bean bag,blogging away my trouble,without actually mustering up the energy to get into my track pants and do some serious damage control.

I've read enough articles about self motivation,cholesterol,early obesity,fitness and waking up to a new "you" .In short,I've a degree in your average Fitness for Dummies manual.Knowing what detox food is however doesn't guarantee a body like Sharapova.Working along that path truly is something else...

Well,anyway I'm feeling a slight bit better,after all that moaning.Guess I'll log into the real world and bother some more suckers...err..people with my troubles.
And do NOT forget to thank me for this dose of medicine for insomnia.

Thanks a ton again ,readers!

One more slice?

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Mum's the word!

Of all the people in the world,i never thought my mother would actually cover as a pretty good BFF(Best Friend Forever)....ok, so the mood was pitch black:my best friend had canceled on me,after weeks of detailed planning for a food tasting spree(Little Italy or Amore ice creams or Bowl o' China)...!
Amma graciously offered to fill in as gal pal 4 the day,and out of sheer boredom,coupled with an unnatural rush of gratitude ,i agreed!

I dreaded this outing because i was well familiar with the routine....the evening would begin on a high note,descend into a mid range pitch,and hit flat bottom soon...with Amma lapsing into frequent rapid fire Q&A sessions about my homework,tests,room cleaning ,application form posting schedules ....but boy,was i in for a surprise....

We went to Hyderabad Central first,where we caught the matinee of Taare Zameen Par and successfully exhausted our tear duct reserves...Then we lunched at Noodle Bar ,where Amma was even brave enough to sample a weird looking seaweed green sauce! a rather languid hour of window shopping,Amma and me tried playing word association,with some hilarious results!

Me:Sound (thinking of Julie Andrews from Sound Of Music )
Mom:Vessels(thinking of our extremely noisy maid )

Me:Shopping(zooming off to Hogwarts with visions of luxurious eagle feather quills )
Mom:Refills (can't blame her always is on the weekly bazaar list...i manage to lose stationery extraordinarily efficiently!)

But what I really loved was...

Me:star (thinking SRK)
Mom:SRK(also thinking SRK!)

P.S:Amma ,thanks for the srk fan genes!

As we winded our way back home,we gleefully chortled at some of the callers on a radio talk show.Amma played entertainer and regaled me with tales of her school days and of annual day plays she'd been in .It felt truly rejuvenating talking to someone who knew to enquire about your life with words other than "ssup?"

Well,I don't have enough words to describe it ....An air of joie de vivre marked that day.

Someone said : "Friends are God's way of making up for family".
Are you sure it isn't the other way round?