Friday, 24 September 2010

Pages from Summer-1

A while ago,Say,Rach,and me decided to do some serious blogging regarding our favourite cities-ones we've been to and loved,and ones we'd love to be in someday.I'd planned to write an unofficial tourists' guide to Singapore,where I spent summer vacation this year,but I'm not Taurean by zodiac alone.A little on the lazy side,I think cataloging my experiences and making chronological posts about what I did there might require some nice thinking,a little free time and some spirited enthusiasm,luxuries I cannot afford right now.
What I'm going to do instead,is upload this diary entry I made at the airport,just minutes before leaving Singapore.
I'll leave you with the first post under Pages from Summer.This is my first attempt at writing a series,so wish me luck :) .And yes,also,read . :D
Warning : Goodbyes are very hard for me.There might be bits of unnecessary melodrama here and there,which you are advised to ignore.

27 June,2010

8.00 A.M

I am homeward bound,after a long vacation in Singapore.The past five weeks have been too good to be true-and now I simply cannot believe that this holiday has come to an end.
However I know that we are not to cry that it's over;instead,we must smile that it happened.
So,I shall revel in the last few minutes in this strange and wonderful land.

Changi is a starry oasis-glitzy,imposing,beckoning.
My flight has been delayed,giving me a few minutes to reflect on my trip,(something I admit I have done only fleetingly this past one month,as I was busy being thrilled to the very core)
and we are.

Green.That is the first impression I had of this city.Not the verdant dark green that we see back home,but a very tropical shade of shiny,healthy,sparkly(that's not a word???What gives,Blogger?),pale green.The green stays with me,from my first view of this island town nine years ago and from ten thousand kilometres above,to my rushed cab ride to the airport this morning watching fields,lawns and road signs shoot past while devouring last midnight's blueberry muffins and today's peanut butter and toast.My last indulgence this summer.

The morning is perfect,as mornings ought to be.Grey skies.Just the way I like them.The infamous noiseless Singapore drizzles descending gently-I've become rather fond of them-besides,Bangalore's sudden storybook thunderstorms are only three hours and a few oceans away.

The airport terminals are decked with white (I think they must be) orchids..Splendid.
I'm wearing midnight blue. :)
And,I wasn't charged for the excess baggage!

The only thing that seems wrong is that I have to leave this place.Bummer.
We are well matched,this dear city and me,for what could be as perfect together as bread and cheese,
as a tropical island set in the sea and a shutterbug?
As a country of living miracles and the eternal romantic?
As a shoppers' paradise and a closet shopaholic waiting to be awakened?

Amma says,and so does Dumbledore,that it does not do good to dwell in dreams and forget to live,but here's a pickle.
What if one month of somebody else's life is your dream come true?
How do you return to living yours-cast the memories aside like a magical midsummer dream?

The guard's asking us to move to the gate.
More later.

It ends there.
I was thinking of maybe doing a post or two on all the blatant gluttony I engaged in ,or the nice nature trails I spotted there.Let's see how it goes.
Cheers everyone :)

Friday, 3 September 2010


Having the flu puts the dampers on nice long weekends.I just finished my first set of internals and was looking forward to some quality me time.Well,my nasty cold hasn't stopped me from living the nap -snack -read cycle,but what it has done is banish all splendid fancies of early morning jogs in huge gardens and bouts of listlessness lovingly nourished by floating about aimlessly in the pool.

Darn you flu,fly away asap.

My to do to mend to buy list is getting longer and longer,and I fear the time has come to get my bottom off the couch and hit the city's burgeoning markets again.I love shopping,but I hate planning,or making budget lists ( saving is an icky word!)...alas,I'm no Trump,so I'll have to scour the streets for a good bargain,and all of this simply cannot be done when a stupid little cold and fever come a-visiting.

There are a lot of benefits to being les sick invalid though,and I'm milking it for all it's worth.Breakfast in bed , delicious "for the convalescing" meals ,cherished books and dvds are making their way to yours truly.Additionally,Mom,me and my Nani got around to listening to some Carnatic music that my uncle gifted my mom for her birthday last week,and rounds of banana milkshakes helped digest the whole thing...quite a decent morning,I must say.

Waiting to return to my normal hyperactive self though,and unleash the Tarzan within! :)

Happy weekend,y'all!