Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Ok,so I've been tagged to write down 6 quirks of mine..they could be funny,scary,cute or just plain moronic...And so here are my honest- to -goodness answers.

1)If I ever happen to think about something I don't want happening in the near future,I feel sorry for having even thought about it and I say "Cancel"aloud.

2)I don't like "ssup?" I don't mid Waddup or even the lame-o what is up,but ssup is just too ...i dunno..weird...i think this picture of someone hissing pops up in my head.:D

3)I always sleep with my legs in one position,like an L...just cant sleep any other way.I remember being yelled at by a nurse in a hospital I was admitted in,when I refused to lie straight despite understanding that not doing so could cause some serious damage to the i-v tubes...ok,,,judge all you want!

4)I try my best to wear blue clothing on pajamas,blue salwar,blue tee,,oh and yes blue jeans!

5)I often turn my cell off...not that people message me 24*7,I'd rather turn it off for a coupla hours,and then switch it back on to see if anyone's texted or called me.
Not that I'm a loner,or even an introvert.

6)If I'm sitting on the PC chair(the one in front of the pc,you wise thing) and yakking on the phone,I pull out the keyboard andtype out what I'm saying,for the heck of it,and maybe to improve my amateurish typing speed.

There!I'm done,And I hereby tag every blogger who reads this post.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Where's my hammock?

"Sometimes in the winds of change,we find our true direction."

When you're in your comfort zone,you never ask if this is what you wanted for yourself.Face it,epiphany and enigma aren't exactly our best friends when we're well settled in an idyllic,lazy,cozy spot in our lives.
But what happens when you're pushed out of the hammock?
You'll fall down..Maybe you'll bruise yourself.You might even earn yourself a few deep scars in the process.You'll want to lay in the mud for a while,because you're scared if you'll be able to walk again.
But,eventually you will dust the dirt off your hands.You'll shrug,and walk away with a little of hurt pride,a grain of defiance.Slowly,you'll walk across other lawns,and see other people their lives.And before you realize it,you'll be glad you decided to walk again...glad that the one tear you shed didn't prevent a thousand smiles from coming your way.And just when you've made peace with life,you'll find an empty hammock,of the right height,in the right spot,with the right amount of sunlight and breeze around,just right...right for you right then,anyway.
So..what if you fall out again?
Go back to line 1 and read...:)