Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Familiarity breeds...

If you guys don't know I love being in Hyderabad already,well you know it now!:D
I don't know what it is,but seeing familiar faces all day does wonders for one's mood.
(Don't put nazar yaar....itne dinon ke baad mein ITNI khush hoon :D )

I find I'm able to handle minor disappointments (I still sulk for the big ones) and changes relatively well.I'm smiling at random strangers,and I'm singing out loud.I'm also writing,blogging and talking to people a lot more actively.After quite some time,I'm feeling a different sort of happiness-not the rush you get when you see Robert Pattinson or SRK posters,not the relief that floods you when you're done with a nasty assignment,but the sort of happiness that doesn't ebb in a few moments,but emulsifies into a comforting satisfaction that stays with you for a while.

Treaded on the old lanes,
Went to the forgotten balcony to watch 'em planes.
Fed on the deliciously oily chaat,
Revisited things close to the heart.

Cracked old jokes ,
chatted up many an old friend,
Hummed those forgotten tunes,
Finally,the scars did mend.

Some buildings waited in welcome,
some had already gone to their grave.
Some people didn't (thankfully) change,
And that helped me face the ones that did,it made me brave.

If people need holidays,
don't souls need one too?
If you knew your brew of life was available at that one place,
Wouldn't you visit often too?

I know people say that familiarity breeds contempt.But y'know what?
Sometimes familiarity just breeds smiles.All day long. :) :) :)

Enough said.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Rise up!

Rise up!
No,I'm not talking about the latest song that's got everyone in such a tizzy!
I wanna take a moment here to remind everyone to rise up.Simply rise up,beyond all the difficulties,beyond all the barriers,physical,emotional,or any other sort.Face the challenges,brush away the insults,and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to all the negativity around.

Remember to rise up and I promise your day will end with a smile :)
There,that's better!

Cheers !