Thursday, 6 September 2007

Tricklin' away...

Hmm...i guessi should've paid more attention when my math teacher spoke of seemingly insignificant numbers like two and four grow to giants like 32768(dat's 2 power 15!)....seems not only math works like that ...time does too!!!

This truth hit me like a Tsunami this evening as i sat doodling on my home assignment.
My actual day after college begins at 3 in the afternoon and ends at eleven in the night...that's EIGHT whole hours of your own time which you are free to invest in your homework,or in pursuit of the most jobless person award (which i'm contending for ,by the way),right? WRONG!!!Before you know it,that darn hand has moved over the face of the clock eight times,and you find yourself turning in rather discontentedly at night...

Of late,this situation has become way too familiar with me,so i'm wondering ,where does the time go?

Time's one wily i've learned the hard way.It can stretch itself to infinity when you're struggling with boredom,but it can also sprout loadsa legs and run away when what you need more than anything else is time!

So....i'm gonna solve the enigma of my disappearing time in true amateur detective style...

CASE UNDER STUDY : mystery of vanishing time


VICTIM'S STATEMENT : " I dunno what to do and when (whine!)There's way too much to dos....(whine!).... The only possible explanation ...something's not right!(self-satisfied whine !)

COMMENTS : Dad : OH no,not again!!!

Mom :Its simple,face it.You waste time mercilessly .
[note:statement rebutted on account of unfair nature of comment with out ample

ANALYSIS : 3 O CLOCK : Began Physics assignment

3 15 :Answered the door,chatted with a friend

3 40 :Physics ahoy!

4 00 :Did a problem on temperature coefficient.Remembered hearing
Sean Paul's TEMPERATURE on friend's ipod...not to be outdone,added temperature on my ipod too...coupla others too

4 45 : Physics,resolutely return to my task

5 00 : Developed sum kinda allergy ...incessant coughing...wouldn't you know it ...just when i was making headway ...decided this was reason enough to rest
600 : Driven out of bed by a phone call

615 : Go fr my daily walk

7 00 :Wow! That was one helluva walk...right,now im hungry

730 : Done with dinner and a rerun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S (multi-tasking you see...)
800 :Bored of Physics ...switch over to math,read daily notes

8 20: Unable to decipher handwriting (mine) ....wonder why..remember reading an article about graphology

845 : Done with the article....satsified after having discovered that bad handwriting merely indicates indiscipline and lack of order,,,(heck,i knew that!!!)

900 :Listen to the top ten hits on my fav radio channel while doin math

9 15: Tired ...i woke up at 530 ,man!

945 :Blog on how time disappears.

CONCLUSION : Puzzling case.Victim is totally blameless and action s of the victim are justified .

Care to help me out ?