Monday, 29 October 2007

Operation redecorate....

All right's offical!
Operation redecorate has officially begun.I,proud (well not so much)owner of my room,hereby declare that I shall attempt to improve the quality of my room to match human living standards,and do everything in my power to bring about this change!

That said,I quote "Easier said than done".
How much grey matter does one require to redo an average sized room belonging to one of them (sigh!) teenagers,really?Not much,right?

Wrong! You'd be surprised at the amount of thought and careful planning that goes into the process,and the number of improvisations that,though marvellously Picasso-like at first,tend to go horribly wrong.

So, I thought,for the kind souls who have plodded through the above text,I'd reward them with a handy how to list on room renovation,that's powered by bittersweet memories of my experience.

(Written keeping teens in mind...)

First things first...Do you really need to do it?

Or have you just demonstrated how to suucesfully put your foot into your mouth?

Coz if you don't ...don't bother .It really is as taxing as Archie of Archie comics fame claims it to be.

Alright,alright,you're not easily dissuaded,are you?

Pick a theme.
It could be as monotonous as pink,or as vibrant as a "living in a rainbow" look.
As earthy as tones of olive green and chestnut brown,or as hgh maintenance as electric red . As long as it matches your outlook.As long as you don't fail to connect with it,even in the dreariest of moods.You don't wanna be living in a room that reminds you of (gasp!)Trigo class,do you?

If you can afford to shell out enough time and dough,try going to some new age furniture or accesories store.You could amybe rethink what you want.Also,browsing helps you to strengthen your ideas and draw that fine line between fact and fantasy(no...You will NOT get a bed that sprouts chocolate at IKEA!!!)
Things you'd probably want :

Bright bedspreads
Comfy rugs
softboards (to pin fun lists,photos and to do reminders to)..
Fusion or lava lamps(love 'em)
Posters of your favourite band

You could even scrounge up stuff that has "pretty junk" potential..from your closet,your storeroom,your garage and so on.

I'm not talking about taking that eternally extending break from any chore.
I'm talking rearrangement.Sometimes a mere moving around of your furnitiure does a good deal of change.Do it keeping the furniture's primary function in mind.Don't push your study desk(use one,don't you?)to some dark ,dingy,corner.
Try aligning your bed /bedside table in some other direction,put posters up in new places,et al!

Never let things get the better of you.When long formulated ideas surface from the recesses of your brain,you might get a bit too enthusiastic.While having a sunny "anything is possible "aura is not particularly harmful,it might just obliterate the big picture. Set a deadline,filter the changes you want done, and sccomplish them professionally enough

Though your ideal room may house a thousand ambitious devices and articles,keep your room realistic.It should be easy to set right.After all,where's the time?
School,sports,extra curriculars,group hangs,South Park, must-watch TV...can't do without it people!If you're going all out and grabbing a paint brush,choose washable distemper and colours that camouflage cracks or dust,if any.
Keep enough space in your closet for new buys or temporarily discarded clothing.
Don't ignore your

Remember you're a star...................... everyday!
your room should be an ideal retreat for you,everyday!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Precision adds beauty to makes it acceptable,comprehensible and hence ,recognizable.

It's in the seamless filtering in of light in the Orissa temple through the shaft made...

It's in the way techies( read programmers) whip up windows of smart program code...

It's in the amusing way your tummy can tell it's chow time...

It's in the sprightly visit of the Halley's comet ever seventy six years...

It's in the mind boggling phenomenon of flowers having a number of petals belonging to the Fibonacci sequence...

It's in the way a thousand,a hundred ,a ten and a one absolutely make 1111,nothing less,nothing more.

It's probably also in the way my readings in the lab go completely haywire,every darn time!

'Something to think about,eh?'