Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hello Stranger

Hello stranger.

What a beautiful day.

Yes,I do go here.

Well,it’s nice to meet you too.


Hello there!We meet again.

Nothing much really.Just a bit of trouble.The usual.Whatever.

Why,thank you!

No,there’s really no need.

Oh,well if you insist.:)

Hello!How’ve you been?

Sure sounds like a good weekend.


Well maybe we can go together.

No,I don’t like pink at all.I like blue.

Hello.Ooh you’ve got me something.

And it’s pink. :/


: |

: )

: ) )

: D

:D :D :D

Hey!Wait up for me.

Missed you too.

No,I’d like that,actually.

At seven then?

Hello,and thank you.

That was lovely.

Oh!Let’s get us some banana milkshakes.

Well they’re my favourite too.

Oh no,you did not.

You did?

Haha,well it sure was worth it : )

Hey,I saved you a seat.

Well,I can come with you ,if you like.

No I’m not scared of walking back alone.

But you can come with me too.Not that I want you to (but I do).

Hello!Yes,I did call you last night.

That’ s strange.

No,go ahead.

No hard feelings.Really.


Long time,no see.

I beg your pardon?

Did you really just say that?

That’s not true.

I can’t believe you would hold that against me.

Fine, then.

I saved you some banana milkshake but I’m guessing you want to pass.

...well,I was always a good guesser.





Well,bye then.I’ve got to go to…..

Oh yeah,you’ve got to go too,to that….



That was harder than I thought it would be.

I can’t believe this is it.



P.s : I just got this picture off Google search.I'm not sure if it's from a Flickr stream,but if it is,I'm sorry.Please let me know.I shall credit you or have it removed.No copyright infringement intended.