Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shauk hai!

These are the lyrics to one of the most soulful songs I have ever heard.It's a song called Shauk hai (I desire) from the movie Guru.The music has been composed by Rahmanji and sung by Soumya Raoh.

The song is sung by a girl who is on the verge of death.As she leaves,she sings of the simple things of life which she loved and cherished.

The icy clouds,the earthy silence of the night,the brilliance of light,amlas,dewdrops,and the craze that is emotion.

A wave of regret and pain stealthily washes over the listener.Yet,there is not much lament,only simple beauty.
Wanted to share it with you all (if you aren't familiar with it already) ...:)

Here goes.

Raat ka shauk hai
Raat ki saundhi si khamoshi ka shauk hai
Subah ki roshni ,bezubaan subahon ki aur gungunati
Roshni ka shauk hai, ho.... shauk hai.

San sani naawlon ka
Ishq ke banwlon ka
San sani naawle
Ishq ke baanwle
Barf se khelte badolon ka ...shauk hai!

Kaash ye zindagi khel hi khel mein kho gayi hoti.
Raat ka shauk hai
neend ki goliyon ka,
khwab ke loriyon ka,
Neend ki goliyan ,khwab ke loriyan

Bezubaan aus ki boliyon ka...Shauk hai

Kaash ye zindagi binkahe binsune so gayi hoti

Subah ki roshni
Bezubaan subahon ki aur gungunati
Roshni ka ....
Shauk hai, shauk hai...