Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Farewell to a friend..

The king was harsh,the heat scorched my face,
It was the reign of the sun,relief was not to be faced,
the fiery truth blinded me,I couldnt see beyond,
I refused to accept the absence of a friend so fond.

Opened the latch ,with dreams of balmy air
That was so often there, but now seemed so rare.
No wind greeted my disappointed stare,
No cool blankets where i could hide my despair.

The afternoon was hot and friendless,as it was meant to be,
Zephyrous gusts, were thy once there for me?
My heart had sung with the promise of a friend.
But what had seemed like a start was really the end.

My friend wasn't one who'd crave for a shopping spree,
She wasn't one who'd jog a mile and climb a tree,
She was one who's advice i d get for free,
Fate told me today, 'There's going to be a fee".

Misery seems to have seeped in through the window sill,
Making the warm air even blazing still.
But i don't have time to regret or amend,
I have to head out to bid goodbye to a friend.

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Why adults don't like cartoons.........

Well,i am not going to say much because my head is already sore from thinking about was just a squabble with a friend that set me thinking. I remember the good old days when i was in third grade( im referring to the good old times before cartoon network didnt become a giant advertisement board)...and i used to watch "The Mask" series.... perhaps the reason why it appealed to me was because of its sheer contrast to unreal setting with unreal ideas about metamorphosing into someone else........ and I adored it as much as my older cousins scorned it. But after eleven,when my range of focus finally shifted away from cartoon network , i began to wonder why more people could'nt identify with this series... seeing that they themselves emulated the core concept of "the mask" quite often.I mean ,they do have an array of identities that are on display at the workplace,the house,the clubhouse and so on...............

The more i thought about it, the surer i was of the fact...the reason why most adults don't enjoy cartoons isn't because they dont have anything in common with these bizarre's because they have much too much in common.Instead of growing saner and more resigned to accepting reality,adults find it tougher to adjust to change, harder to admit they're wrong, and herculean to manage their tempers. When they watch cartoons, with sinking dismay and grudging acceptance, they recognize that part of them that just wants to say"Nanananananaaaaaaaaaaaah!"So...excuse me if i sound like the little prince from the asteroid,but really ,what's your take?