Sunday, 5 August 2007

The "END" in friend ...

On the joyous and excessively commercialized occasion of "friendship day "...I feel obliged to that little voice inside my head which prompts me to ponder aloud.So here goes...

Yeh dosti ...hum nahi todenge,
Todenge dum magar,tera saath naa chodenge...

On many happy ,sunshine in your eyes,candy in the sky days, i have felt like humming this familiar tune with moi extended family,my friends!!!
Whether we were digging into a scrumptious apple pie at a cafe,or groaning because the miserable net on the tennis court had given way,i always sensed a feeling of togetherness,which strangely,though built on trivial grounds,seemed like it would last for eternity.
But illusions are shape shifters,aren't they?
As I search for a familiar face, I observe that I've lost touch with soooooo many people over the years,it's hard to keep track.
Faded telephone numbers scratched in fast fading ink,
Worn photos in tiny albums,
Gifts exchanged on birthdays,
...sadly,these are the remnants of some friendships in my life.


Thanks to the giant hoardings of Bollywood ,I've seen many reel life situations where old friends from bygone days reconnect in an instant .So why is it so different in real life?

I irresistably am reminding myself of Peter Pan,the Boy Who Would Never Grow Up.
Still,as a bid to support my stubborn Taurean self,I bite.Can two people outgrow their friendship?Can Time,the deifant warrior uproot weathered plants of carefully sown friendship with such astonishing ease?

If it can,what is it in the moment,then,that leads you to believe there is much more to this bond than common jokes,get-togethers and idyllic group hangs?

Maybe we choose to alter reality in a way which soothes our lonely selves choosing to ignore the blots of reality that appear on the pages of the fanasy book we are crafting...Maybe we think that the days spent hangong out will evoke memories powerful enough to be significant for a long time to come.

I read this paragraph penned by Tagore,with sinking dismay and horrifying familiarity...

Oh poor unthinking human heart...error willnot go away,olgic nad reason are slow to penetrate.We cling with both arms to false hope, refusing to believe the weightiest of proofs against it .In the end it escapes ripping our veins and draining our hearts blood; until regaining consciousness we rush to fall into the snares of delusion all over again "

Something to think about,I know I will.