Sunday, 25 May 2008

Be your own rainmaker

Destiny is too powerful a concept.

There's something about it that reduces life to an irrefutable math equation.

Can life really be preordained?Do you simply ride it like a roller coaster,cheering at the turns and screaming during the loops?

Naah!There's more to it than that.

Subconsciously,you know what you want from life.
You also have a rough idea of what you need to do to keep yourself satisfied.
You occasionally spot potential opportunities that might unlock the door to your very own personalised ultimate achievement.

You simply need someone to tell you what to do step-by-step.A person who'd reproachfully glare the moment you strayed away from The Path.
A teacher,a guide,a trail,a map,take your pick.

For that,you certanly can help yourself with a self -help book,a chat with your agony aunt,a tete-a-tete with your inner self, or some focussed meditation.

Do you really have to work up a frenzy by reading too much into your horoscope?
Do you want to turn a perfect match into a train wreck of an interaction because the two zodiacs weren't compatible?
And pray tell me, do you have to parade hideous assortments of gemstones on your anatomy?

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Brown.AAh,delightful,earth,soothing brown.
I was always a blue person until now,all of a sudden,I've taken a liking to brown.
I must confess ,nothing in brown ever appealed to me except chocolate(people who don't fancy chocolate are simply not worth being called people).
But,as I look around,I notice there's lots of brown beauty,waiting to catch the eye.
Like wood.Deep brown mahogany coffee tables look dreamy ,with proper lighting.It's almost like when you're writing on such a table you want to do a good job of your assignment,coz the table merits it.

Also,brown nail polish.Now this is for the ladies,(unless you're a guy who gets all excited about nail polish??}The tiny bottles with cocoa coloured glossy liquid put you in the mood for the fun side of life.

Brown,wet earthy mud.Honestly,how many of you haven't gotten muddy at all?
All of us have squealed with impish glee while jumping into brownish puddles,and chortled after making mud pies and whisking it at innocent passers-by.
Remember the surf ad(daag achche hain?) where the brother pummels the ground for having made his little sis's uniform messy?Aww,how cute was that?

Brown.Coffee!(I'm sure you must have observed that my mind runs in the food circle most of the time.)Anyway,obvious observations aside,mocha truly is the ambrosia of today's elite,of today's youth,of today's....what the heck,coffee is everybody's drink today.Upward spiraling growth rates in cafe culture are an indication of how addictive a cup of this brown something can be.

Brown.Brown hair.Wow.Whether it's a horse's rippling mane or a head full of haor,brown that way is beautiful.Sometimes I wish I were a brunette,instead of it being the Indian stereotype,raven black.

Brown.Cute little dachshunds with their shiny brown coats or stout little pugs with their "adorable pools of brown " eyes.Darn,if only my mother wasn't allergic to dog fur.Could a kind blog reader gift me a dog of my own?(blinks innocently)

But there's also another brown.The brown of poverty,the dirty brown of slums,where a perennial cloud of gloom reigns.Does this brown remind us of our moral duties,does it evoke a desire to participate in eradicating this curse?It certainly does,only some of us choose to direct this energy towards that fab brown jacket,a la Abercombie.

Wow,brown sure is a lot of things.

Muffins and cookies,and all things brown.
Sometimes leaving a smile where once sat a frown.
Reflections of life in these waters of brown.
Patches of reality in these daubs of brown.

Later ,
till then,
yours sincerely,