Friday, 22 February 2008

Survivor ,are ya?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

"Latte"ral thinking...

If there's anything good about the cafe culture that's rampant today,it's the coffees they serve!Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too?If you're done with the first cup,go get a refill!
For the sweet-toothed undercover angels out there,there's always somethingwith butterscotch,caramel syrup or whipped cream in it.For the reality check guys,there are fiery espressos with a dash of cinnamon.For the busy businessman or your average corporate honcho,you've got a reliable black coffee,while for the kids,there's always something full of chocolatey gooey goodness.

Out of the many things,I'm thankful for,cafes figure high on my list.
Cafe made coffee is one of the many little things that makes life in the city a lil more bearable.Worried ,angry ,sad or disappointed,I find I can always drown my pleasures in a cup of good old mocha! :)

Cheers to all the coffee lovers out there.Let the magic last forever!

P.S:Yes,I did make this blog entry after a particularly delightful cup of Cappucino.


Sunday, 17 February 2008

Nikle Hum,Bike Pe Sawaar...


Well,I'm pumped up on this Roadies thing man....the crazy thing,is though,four earlier seasons of this show have come and gone,I've never even watched a single frame.Always one to be wary of these...well..."reality" show,I shunned Roadies like the plague.

Well,i recently rethought this anti reality show kick,and I'm glad I did.I've temporarily rediscovered entertainment...aaj ke youth ki ishshtyle mein!

Roadies is a prefect mirror of life in the inclement metros of India...a lil of sugar,a lil of spice,but a lllllooooootttttt of ATTITUDE!It's basically an impromptu sketch of how 13 people came together to pit mind ,body n soul(well designer jackets)...against each other,and in the end,the toughest warrior,the ultimate survivor is crowned Roadie!(i know i keep using the term Roadie in every term,but hey this post is about Roadies....n plus i think the word ROADIE has a nice ring to it!)

Wannabes,glam dolls,and wiseguys are asked to take a hike,while the roadies are put through a row of tasks that challenge their basic instinct,passion and emotion....You could be asked to goof around on a banana boat or perform asanas on a mallakhamb when you're drop dead all looks unbelievably simple, but man,50 + people and crew cum cameramen watching,the pressure of exposing( i mean like showing who you are,pervert!)yourself on natinol all adds up,dunnit?

So...sound right up your alley?Tune in to connect wid Roadies airs every Saturday at 7.00 pm on MTV.

Till then ,leavin you wid a lil of adrenaline...

Presenting,the official MTV Roadies 5.0 theme song:
Ghar Se Hum Chale, Bas Ek Backpack Aur Ek Guitar

Paison Ki Fikar Nahi, Bike Pe Hum Sawaar

Raahon Ki Hai Khabar, Na Manzil Ka Hai Pataa

Phir Bhi Chal Diye, Jaane Ab Hoga Kya

Oh Oh, Oh Yeah, OK

Jeet Lenge Yaar

Ghar Se Hum Chale, Bas Ek Backpack Aur Ek Guitar

Paison Ki Fikar Nahi, Bike Pe Hum Sawaar

Oh Oh, Oh Yeah, OK

Jeet Lenge Yaar

Gaali Sunna Acchaa Lagta Hain Na Tere Ko

Looks Nahi Hai, Personality Bhi Nahi Hai

You’re Not Interesting Dude, You’re Just Boring

Yaar Aisa Kar, Main Bahut Thak Gaya Hoon

Apna Gaal Zor Se Mere Haath Pe Maar, Please

Bhag Yahan Se

Hai Yeh Aadhi Par Cutting Hai Zindagi

Kal Thi Easy Ab Kathin Hai Zindagi

Ghar Pe Baithe Doston Ko Kya Mila

Hai Safar Yeh Puncturon Ka Silsila

Jaane Kahaan Le Jaayega

Khwabon Ka Hai Yeh Karvan

Jo Chal Sako Tum Bhi Chalo Yaaron

Apni Hi Dhun Mein Main Chala

Oh Oh, Oh Yeah, OK

Jeet Lenge Yaar

Friday, 8 February 2008



There you have it.Pure indifference,spelled out in two simple words.
Over the years,we have incorporated this particular gene which helps us to ignore all things sad and pathetic around us.This immunity is so efficient that it acts like a metre thick lead wall,shielding every piteous sight and muffling every anguished cry.

The other day, I was taking a break in the park.Merrily swinging on the metal jhoola when this little kid of about four walked up to the swing next to me and clambered onto it.
After a few minutes of silence broken only by the rhythmic squeak of the swings,with innocent curiosity ,the kid,let's call her Chhoti,began a friendly interrogation.

"Where are you from?" "What did you say your name was?" "What do you do?""What is your name?" "Is your favourite colour pink?" "Your favourite colour is blue?Really,blue?"
"Shall we play something?" "Err...what's your name?"

In spite of my miserable mood,I soon became engrossed in this conversation.After a minute or to,a young servant maid of 8 or 9 years joined us in the park.She was the bai or the caretaker/playmate of Chhoti.She shot an inquisitorial glance at me.After assuring her that I lived in the same colony,and that I wasn't some weirdo who hung around the swings despite not being a toddler,she stood beside us demurely.

"Which class are you in ?"

I reverted back to the conversation and proceeded to satisfy Chhoti's eternal thirst for facts about my life.

"I'm in college."

"Well I'm in kindergarten; and this girl here...",Chhoti said,glancing at the 8 year old caretaker,"..she isn't in any class."

"What do you mean?"I ventured.

"Oh ,she's not in any class,just at home.All the time."She concluded in a cool,indifferent ,superior voice.

Reality bit me,hard.Well,...I dont blame Chhoti.The kid's probably seen the young caretaker around the house,doing odd jobs and cooing to her,all the time.The kid accepted her partially as her "friend" and in the same breath,seated her on a lower pedestal because the elder one didn't,and probably couldn't afford to attend school. Albeit unintentionally,this kid had become one of the grown ups who categorize people based on their stand in education ,wealth or family status,rather than trying to connect to a person's emotions or personality.
Attitudes like this might retard the rise of the wave of change that is slowly beginning to take shape in society.

So wht've we gotta do?
We gotta correct the error of our ways,retype the code in our heart and reprogram ourselves to wake up to a barrier-free world!

Friday, 1 February 2008

I'l have a slice...

have elapsed since I stopped trying to be in ,stopped hitting the gym,or started hitting Subways or McDs.Blame it on the exams.To top it,my chemistry paper today did not go well.After a few nerve wracking hours where I just watched other people sketch ink over their sheets(commonly referred to as kaagaz kala karna in Hindi),I gave in.I could here the burgers and the lattes beseeching me to come ,wine ,dine and forget all about Chemistry...Always the impulsive one,I grabbed a pal and a fork,some scrawny 50 rupee bills and set off to the land where phenomena like eating disorders or words like diet were unheard of.

I blissfully devoured a Happy Meal.God,I can just picture those nasty little calories setting camp inside my body....pure evil fat.:(

And now three hours later,here I am ,laziness personified,perched comfily on a bean bag,blogging away my trouble,without actually mustering up the energy to get into my track pants and do some serious damage control.

I've read enough articles about self motivation,cholesterol,early obesity,fitness and waking up to a new "you" .In short,I've a degree in your average Fitness for Dummies manual.Knowing what detox food is however doesn't guarantee a body like Sharapova.Working along that path truly is something else...

Well,anyway I'm feeling a slight bit better,after all that moaning.Guess I'll log into the real world and bother some more suckers...err..people with my troubles.
And do NOT forget to thank me for this dose of medicine for insomnia.

Thanks a ton again ,readers!

One more slice?