Saturday, 28 February 2009

Tissue paper

Your warm hands envelop me,
You pull me to your side.
I try real hard to dry your tears,
Disinfect you from inside.

But then crumpled,I come down.
Laugh lines gone,I wear a little frown.
And then the equation sinks in,
I'm tissue paper headed for the nearest bin.

I bet you've heard of phoenixes,though
And how they rise from the ashes on the ground.
I fancy I'm taking on that colour myself,
I prepare to be used again ;the tissue paper waits to be found.

Then why has something changed today?
Some strength has come along!
I'm sorry,but orchestrating to your song
Isn't gonna work for long.

So don't get me started
On your silly lil insecurities,
Our unfathomable disparities.
The sinking realities...

I know you push me down one minute
And give me a hand the next.
I also know you try to apologise
By sending me some hilarious texts.
I know you cried last evening,
When he didn't return your call.
I can sense when you're feeling euphoric,
I try to help when you fall.

I don't know if I'm eligible to be called your best friend.
But all i know is I've been one,from the start to the end.

Why won't you acknowledge my shadow,
I know who you are inside.
Face it ,I'm not tissue paper.
I just might be your real guide.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Awkward silences

Silence is never soothing.Not for me atleast.
When there is something happening,there is sound.
When there is nothing left to happen,that is when there is deathly,hollow and numbening silence.And the thought scares me.

Tell me something new.Tell me something old.
Narrate.Recite.Sing.Laugh.Cry.Whisper.Mumble...just don't offer me that scary silence.

Goddamn it,is it so hard for you to say something to me?
I find it hard to believe that friends can suddenly disconnect.

As a last resort,please tell me you were friggin' kidding me. :|