Sunday, 7 November 2010

Colour Me Blue

Everyone has a favourite colour,and most of the time,mine is blue.Here's why :
Note : When I say blue,I mean the standard-palette-classic blue.I also like navy blue and other shades,but you know the colour that pops into your head when someone says blue?Yeah,that one.
Ok just..just go read the list.

  1. Turqoise gems are the best . Um,yes,that would make me a girl.

  1. Oceans are blue.

  1. Dreamboats often have sea blue/green eyes-case in point :Tom Felton.

  1. Blue cloudy skies look like they stretch and on forever .

  1. Blue is bright without being obnoxious.

  1. Nothing says mellow like blue.

  1. Blue is funky.Blue sneaker yay.Blue sweatshirt yay.Blue hair,ok,maybe not so much. Kate Hudson would definitely disagree.*

  1. I have this theory that your soul is painted a certain colour ,one that is in sync with your personality. It does seem to me,that romantic souls are blue (not pink or maroon ) for reasons I can’t fathom.

  1. Blue is so awesome that there's an entire music genre that is its namesake .Ever saw a music section called Pinks?Naah,didn't think so. And also,God forbid.

  1. Even things that aren't blue like being called blue - Bands,for example,or blueberries.

Add to the list? :)

*Anne Hathaway dyes Kate's hair blue days before her wedding in Bride Wars.

6 insights:

Sayonee said...

you forgot blue-films :P ;) hehe :D
yay you love blue too! :):) it's my fave after black :):)
et oui oui, non musique des roses! il est tres paaaaaaaaaansy :P

Born Confused said...

blue films! LOL sayonee!
agree on dreamboats. very heartily.
also, gatorade blue is way cooler than the other flavors:P
and remember when we had pepsi blue? 2001 world cup i think ...i loved that stuff!
you inspired me to do a post on red!:D

VIDYA said...

@Say :
LOL @ non musique des roses! :D Why does everything sound pretty and compliment-y in French though ? I bet teachers in France sound just peachy :D
Ps-Blue lover hi5 :)

Priority eligibility requirement for dreamboat status is beautiful eyes,it's it is,na? ^_^
I remember Pepsi Blue..Shame they discontinued it :D
Do one on red!I'm curious...And we should do tags as a group more often.

Born Confused said...

i will, once i get rid of this disgusting writer's block..

Tejal said...

hahah..loved the post!
Not blue-ish at all
and my addition to the list would be blue eyes..just, i dont know, the whole "lost in those blue eyes" fairytale is too hard to let go off :)

VIDYA said...

I know!Seafoam blue pools of charm :D
After Vampire Diaries though,beetle black might become the new blue.