Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Healthy Dose of Amnesia

Maybe I'm not a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
Twenty summers now,and I can tell
The heart's been squelched,the mind has won.

March on soldier,keep your head on
Lest you fail to hear the beats of the drum.
Foolish ponder shall not haunt you,
Trite talk cannot shake the future that is come.

But no,wait,I must confess,
Over the drum sounds a faint cry.
When it comes to you,I take 
A healthy dose of amnesia;I cannot lie.

I rebel against what is,
I forget the rules by which I abide.
I forget how good things don't last,
I simply forget..when I'm by your side.

You and I could never be,maybe.
And yet these crazy dreams,I do not deny.
For when it comes to you I take
A healthy dose of amnesia; I cannot lie.

3 insights:

CRD said...

Love does make you feel helpless. It's almost as if it's holding you by the neck and hoisting you up in the air, but u feel ur floating in thin air and smile in pleasure.

Woah...that was some mean stuff. Wonder if she's read this :P

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उमंग said...

that is simply brilliant....
your mind does tell the right thing to do....while the heart fails to obey....thats life

from your ardent stalker :)

Anonymous said...

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