Friday, 18 April 2008

Not-so-desperate housewives

Alright!So I decided to finally watch a bit of this overrated soap on star world.
I was expecting a bunch of pretentious women who didnt really have problems,but were bored enough to solve imaginary ones.
And boy,they didn't fail to deliver.

To be fair,the soap is shot beautifully.The coiffed residents may have financial problems once in a while ,but it looks like their friendly manicurist and hairdresser always lets them in on credit..;).The dialogue is smart at times,and the actors do try to bring substance into an otherwise dreamy world...but the script could be a little better!

If the show intends to mock at idyllic life in the world of the wedded socialites ,it deserves a 10 on 10.

I loved the voice at the beginning and the ending,(Brenda Strong,is it?)It's a cute way of bringing the viewer back to the bird's eye view.

On the whole,in my book,it gets a 6 on 10.

P.S:This is just my opinion ,as is this just my blog.Never take me too seriously;I once thought my mother was actually asked to admit me to Hogwarts,but panicked and refused...I think I spent a day or two looking fot the "letter" from Dumbledore too..[blushes in embarrassment].


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