Sunday, 27 April 2008


The most motivational ideas about doing certain things come to me when I'm doing other things which are very important,and I end up losing focus in the task at hand.

Like today,i was writing my AIEEE entrance,and halfway through a question on Organic Chem,I began wondering why I haven't given myself enough time in a long long period.

There are lots of things I'd like to do right now...

1)I want to hit the pillow without having to set an alarm fr tomorrow morning.

2)I want to go for a long jog in the park with my jogging buddies (an assorted group of people who need to lose as much of lard as moa) (sheepish grin)

3)I want to download every song that Norah Jones has ever sung ,learn them all by heart and sing myself to sleep with them this very night

4) I want to locate my school yearbooks and leaf through my articles in them,my class photos,and relive that classroom euphoria.

5)I want to watch HP movies 1 through 5,kinda like a movie marathon ,non stop.

6)I want to drink a glass of melted Dairy Milk (I told ya I was a lardy person :) )

7)I want to ride a comet to the moon and sit on a cloud whilst watching you poor earthlings satisfying your selves with reading blog entries of adventures!(now don't be offended or anything)

8)I want to go for a drive with my Dad,(who lives in another city,btw,)times,like earlier times, singing "Mein shayar toh nahin "at the top of my voice,with orchestral accompaniment courtesy Dad.

9)I want to persuade my Mom to go for a medical check up.She says her left arm feels spasmed,and she's just not looking into it(Between you and me,it's parents who are the kids sometimes)

10)I want to think of more things to say on this list of mine.I fear I'm coming off too non-ambitious ,what with a mere ten-point list and all...

However,as always...

You took the words right out of my mouth,Calvin. :(

Friday, 18 April 2008

Not-so-desperate housewives

Alright!So I decided to finally watch a bit of this overrated soap on star world.
I was expecting a bunch of pretentious women who didnt really have problems,but were bored enough to solve imaginary ones.
And boy,they didn't fail to deliver.

To be fair,the soap is shot beautifully.The coiffed residents may have financial problems once in a while ,but it looks like their friendly manicurist and hairdresser always lets them in on credit..;).The dialogue is smart at times,and the actors do try to bring substance into an otherwise dreamy world...but the script could be a little better!

If the show intends to mock at idyllic life in the world of the wedded socialites ,it deserves a 10 on 10.

I loved the voice at the beginning and the ending,(Brenda Strong,is it?)It's a cute way of bringing the viewer back to the bird's eye view.

On the whole,in my book,it gets a 6 on 10.

P.S:This is just my opinion ,as is this just my blog.Never take me too seriously;I once thought my mother was actually asked to admit me to Hogwarts,but panicked and refused...I think I spent a day or two looking fot the "letter" from Dumbledore too..[blushes in embarrassment].


Thursday, 3 April 2008

Spelling it out

I just wanted to share a list of my favourite spells from the Harry Poter series with you .They're not necessarily the best spells in history,but they're the ones that appealed to me,some because they were powerful,some because they were fun and some coz they sound so darn good.

Accio-simple,helpful,handy,easy to pronounce .Summons objects.

Expecto Patronum-in a way,it generates hope!

Point me-I love the simple wording...HP readers know what it does.For the others,it makes your wand act like a compass.

Wingardium Leviosa-Apart from the fact that you can make things fly about,it's memorable to me coz there's a Ron-Hermione dialogue associated with it.

Ron -"Wingardium Leviosaaa!"
Hermione-"It's Leviooosa ,not Leviosaaa.Make the' gar' nice and long."
Ron-"You do it then,if you're so clever.

Peskipiksipesternomi-Can you guess the inventor of this (fake)spell?Hint:It's five times winner of Witch Weekly's most charming smile award!

Muffliato-Keeps eavesdroppers away by creating a weird buzzing noise.

Incendio-Starts a roarin' fire.

Silencio-Shut just about any Muggle up!

Alohomora-Opens most locked doors.A boon for any wannabe Sherlock Holmes.

Lumos -You could,in Yellowcard's words,"LIGHT UP THE SKY"...

Avis -Makes birds shoot out of your wand(.Pretty ,ain't it?)

Imperio-Control people.Just think of the possibilities.You could convince the richest man in the world to leave you his property,or convince SRK to visit you at your place( ok,il admit im a Srk fan!)

Tarantallegra-Makes your opponent dance .LOL!

That's about it.

Oh,and I almosr forgot,JKR,i love ya.Thank you for Harry Potter!